Warp/Jump graphics update?

I love the visuals in EVE but for the warp and gate jump effects.

It’s understood that you are in a “warp bubble,” but it doesn’t feel like a warp bubble. It’s more like a distortion fringed warp tunnel. Taking from the micro-jump visual effect, perhaps build on that and envelop the traveling ship inside a bubble-ish space while warping?

Something like:

Jump gate animation…
The smokey tunnel needs an update. I recommend something like:



Perhaps have the color of the tunnel match the Race based region of space?

Or perhaps do away with the smokey tunnel altogether and…

Lastly, for those of us who dont like flashing lights on a repeated basis, include an option to just fade to black when gate jumping. Disappear on one end…fade to black…reappear on the other.

Lots of possibilities here, just make it beautiful.

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