Coloured tabs on all windows

Can we have coloured tabs on all stacked window tabs, such as the chat window (and any others that are stacked) like we have the overview tabs.

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I would love that.
Also window borders, I have a lot of trouble sometimes seeing where one window ends and another begins.

So you want something like QubesOS with the window identification.

I’m not sure what that is (I’ve heard of it, but never seen it) but what I’m having trouble with us basically black on black window edges, some don’t even have real edges, but those are mostly CCP spam stuff on login.
I’ve set my client to use the Ore color theme as for me it’s the most visible, but still have a lot of trouble, especially when I have a lot of windows open seeing where one ends and the next begins.
Ideally I would like to be able to change all colors like I can in CDE/KDE under Linux/Unix but that’s sort of asking a lot.

You can stack most windows, that’s been a big help for me. Fitting and Dscan windows can’t be stacked but why would any want that. Resizing could use touch up. It seems the UI and the mouse don’t quite match but the keyboard is your friend.

Yea CCP can’t spare a few guys for a few months. I wonder if the secretary still take calls.

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