Combat Ceptors need a bit of a Buff

How about web resistance or neut resistance?

Or reduction to fitting requirements for AB / MWD so you can potentially fit both with some tank left over


Oh sweet, I take it. Give the combat ceptors some webifier impedance like titans have and scram immunity as in, you cannot turn of the prob mod.

Something that doesn’t directly strengthen it but would make it very viable would be to have a bonus so that any fleet mate warping to you align’s and warp’s faster, this type of bonus could give the combat inti a slightly different roll compared to the fleet inti and would provide a solid fleet roll in both small gang and large.

If you want to hold a slow dangerous target down - Fleet Inti.
If you want to chase that orthrus fleet on grid so that by the time you land your not 80k’s away from them again - Combat Inti
If you jumping into drone region bubbled gates and you need to catch that ratter - Fleet Inti
If you need something to give you good warp in points with good distance’s and kill off the enemy’s warp in points - combat inti.

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Maybe try fitting an Assault Frig with T2 Overdrives and Propulsion Rigs. Coupled with the long or short point plus some teeth and armor you would essentially have your Combat Ceptor.

Here is the layout for an Ishkur set up as a Combat Interceptor

With this fitting at Level V you will get 3541.65 m/s + 21,770 EHP + 24 km point + 135 dps from drones and rails. The rails reach out 45 km optimal. The ADC II boosts your armor resists high enough to tank anything.

Along with the cap boosters you should have more than enough cap to hold the target down with the disruptor, stay out of the targets tracking and be able to provide dps enough to get in on the kill.

That’s great, now make a ceptor do it better. That’s exactly the point btw, assault frigs are currently all around better than combat ceptors even within the confines of the designed role. There is no point to flying them.


except they cant chase them through bubbles so theyre actually pretty ■■■■ at it?

add a low slot to all of them and increase cpu by 30

reduce signatures by 5


The only real difference between an Interceptor and Combat Interceptor like I built above are these:

5% bonus to Warp Scrambler and Warp Disruptor optimal range

Role Bonus:
80% reduction in Propulsion Jamming systems activation cost
• Immune to Interdiction Sphere Launcher, Warp Disruption Field Generator and Mobile Small, Medium and Large Warp Disruptor

The Ishkur below has had the velocity reduced but its Scan Resolution increased. It would be a gate camper instead of the Run and Gun Ishkur Combat Interceptor.

With this fit you get the same ADC II protection + a 1711 mm scan resolution when overloaded. Not much in the way of DPS though but it still mounts around 150 dps between drones and the Gatling Guns.

When the MWD is overloaded you get an impressive 4553.5 m/s With all guns blazing MWD and Sensor Booster overloaded you have 3:30 of cap time. More than enough time to chase those Interceptors and run them off.

Just imagine an Assault Cruiser fit in this manner.

A Combat Assault Interceptor Cruiser plus the frigate variant running in a forward fleet will definitely be something to worry about.

With the ADC II fit plus the velocity of the extreme MWD, bubbles should’t matter too much to these ships.

Both of the prototypes that I have listed above have actually been built.

They are expensive too say the least. But when you are going after Interceptors and dictors like the Sabre, the cost overrides the risk, somewhat.

You can also imagine a command ship fit with a Sensor Optimization Charge sitting on the gate as well, tanked like a beast with four or five of my Combat Interceptor Assault Frigates supported by four or five Combat Interceptor Assault Cruisers orbiting at the half way point in the burst area of effect.

I would call it the Tarantula, because you’re not escaping unless you are in a cloaked ship that has bonuses such as the Ares does for warping out of a bubble.

What are you trying to catch? A piece of space dust? The signature radius of the ships you want to hunt with an interceptor is not that low and you will get a target lock in 1 second.

The pilot will also need to have the best scan resolution implants in as well.

You are still missing the point. If I wanted to use an AF as a combat ceptor I can already do that. If you factor cost into the equation an atron is better than a taranis for getting initial scram, and considering the 99.99% chance that either choice would generate a loss mail i know which one i’d rather be flying.

I think you misunderstand something else too. We are not talking about the nullified ceptors (those are mostly fine) but the “combat ceptors” that are not nullified and typically fit with scram and web to catch and hold something with mwd off until heavier tackle can land, lock, and take over. Ideally you should be able to disengage from this entanglement at this point, but since your job involves being in scram/web range you are usually scram web’d in return. Once that happens you are 100% dead. If they only point & web you MIGHT be able to disengage, depends on too many factors to give an accurate assessment.

I’m fine with just a chance that requires pilot awareness, intervention, and skill (not just sp, actual skill) to get out. What is not ok is making an entire class of ship disposable and generally less useful in their very specialized role than other more multi purpose hulls (pretty much every AF).


The solution would be just to buff the combat ceptor’s control in scram range, hence why the dual prob specialization discussions earlier.

i think the claw and crusader would work well with dual prop traits, i mean what could go wrong… other than not having midslots to fit a scram and web…

Hence why swapping a slot for a mid slot would be an obvious step… don’t act dumb it doesn’t suit you.

This still needs attention. I am currently fitting insta lock slashers and tackle atrons for my ppl to use instead of paying a lot more for ceptors that are only marginally better than these t1 hulls. If this is working as intended then your intentions are unclear.

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im an interceptor pilot, solo and gang; you?

thought not :slight_smile:

I used to be stuck to the crusader as my main solo ship a few years ago on my first char used to be really fun, now its just meh ever since rapid light’s came out.

I thought you where an intelligent dude that doesn’t make presumptions with 0 feed back.
Guess not :slight_smile: was my fit

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