Combat Signature Pockets

So with acceleration gates, you can’t warp to a bookmark inside the pocket until the site is cleared. After the site is cleared, if I put an MTU, I should be able to warp to the bookmark right? Except sometimes after I cleared the last wave, there is still the gates. If I try to warp to a bookmark inside, I still get the pop up telling me what site it is, and I still land out side the gate.

It’s this thing

Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation - EVE University Wiki

Did I miss something?

Give it few minutes and the site will despawn, then you can warp to the bookmarks directly.

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Book mark a wreck in each pocket, complete mission or kill respawn objective. Then warp back to loot.

Leaving entity like drones in mission may keep it open as may another player who has entered.

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