Combat site mission: pvp on


I want to suggest an idea about combat mission. If you ever did a combat site im sure your not happy to see a nother player trying to snipe the the special npc who drop the special loot… and warp out… its a part of the game and we have to deal with but it can be frustrate sometime.

My suggestion: create some gated combat site that when you arrive on the gate you decide to turn on or not the “pvp mode”. When the gate is active all other people are warn that if they cross the gate concord will not respond to any attack.

In this way if you want to “protect” your combat site from other player you can but at your own risk.

An idea to introduce a new style of combat site…

English is not my first language so be cool with my orthographe.

Thnks all

The pvp is on everywhere all the time.

You can shoot anyone you want. CONCORD will destroy you afterwards, yes, but they will not prevent you doing it.


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I too want to camp plex.

Its all the fun of old LS statics, but with more safety (for the knowing) and more bling on the targets!

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Why bother? Anyone who wants to run sites in ‘pvp mode’ can run sites in low sec.

Other than that, try to get away from the idea that it’s your combat site. It belongs to no one.


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