Combat Sites - Null Sec - Isk/Hour

Hey, ladies and gentlemen.

I am returning to play EVE after 5 years away and would like to know what the average Tick doing combat sites in null sec.

Before I could do close to 30 mi/tick (90 mi hour) with rattlesnake, however now on the back I managed only 15 mi/tick (45 mi hour) with the dominix (poor fit - Ship sold by the corporation)

Can you say me - isk / tick or isk / hour (please specify)

  • Dominix Ratting
  • RattleSnake Ratting
  • Carrer Ratting
  • Your ship Ratting

Would it be possible to reach 20 mi/tick (60 mi hour)? What would be the best way - ship?
How could I earn more?

NOTE: I’m not complaining, I know you guys don’t like this kind of behavior, I just wish I had more information before spending time and money training for a ship that wouldn’t be helpful

Thank you for all the help and attention given to the topic

Give it a read

It’s probably eating your profits.

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