Come to Gheth, Safe Travels in Gheth

There had better be no windows. windows are a structural weakness.

A design feature.

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Or when you see a Canary in the coal mine!

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Orange man is wrong, it’s yellow man, or Mister Canary!

I asked this before when it happened in Uedama but i can’t find the answer and I’ve forgotten but what are the fighters for at both gates in Gheth.


Is that it, seems a lot of effort and isk to just decloak someone

Well, yeah!

What is the „cheap“ and „less effort“ decloak method you suggest?

Piracy has been nerfed so newbs can no longer do it, you either need a large amount of capital or high multiboxing skills or both.

And still there are constant cries for more nerfs.


Good point

But what i mean is, they know target is coming, tackler is ready for them to drop gate cloak, what is a forced decloak going to do to give them an advantage.

Unless the structures have another purpose like a perch so way not send fighters out

It’s for countering the MWD/cloak-warp exploit.

The tick a target drops decloak and does the MWD+Cloak trick (or a cov ops cloak activation), the target might be visible both visually and on overview, but they are invulnerable that tick. No amount of scan res can lock them.

So in order to even begin target locking them, you have to decloak them.

There are two kinds of targets: those doing MWD-cloak trick and those warping cloaked (cov ops and blockade runners)

the MWD-cloak-warp trick: you have ten seconds to:

  • Haul ass to where you saw them
  • predict which way they were going
  • Get within 2km of their ship to decloak them
  • have a ship with enough scan res to lock them
  • have that ship with enough points to apply tackle to them (3 or more but realistically 5 for a DST)

For blockade runners and cov ops ships it’s even tougher. You have at most a few seconds to do the above list. Having fighters to prevent the re-cloak means:

  • they drop gate cloak and can’t recloak
  • it’s a race between your scan res and their align time
  • your scan res ship needs 3 points

These absurd setups are pretty much the only way to catch non-freighter haulers because BR and Cloak+MWD warps are:

  • Cheap to fit for
  • Easy to execute
  • Expensive / Risky / Highly visible to counter

Making the barrier to entry for safe hauling negligible low (in ISK cost and piloting skill), with minimal sacrifices (in ISK, slot, and piloting attention), and the very few remaining risks can be covered by minimal additional effort (a shuttle scout 1 jump ahead).


I’m making it good business to kill the MWD/cloak-warping exploiters. They usually get super-salty about it too, because they think they’re invincible, and then I come along and shake their entire EVE worldview. I’ve killed nearly a hundred of such cheaters over the past year.


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Cheater Griefer


Yesterday evening two pilots from different AG groups saved a bowhead with shield reps and armor reps.

With their help they slowed down the damage on the bowhead which allowed concord to eventually reduce and stop the damage for the talos fleet.

So if you see in Gheth what look like anti-gank pilots and want to make the space lanes a bit safer just join them at the gates, take note of the ships they are flying to help boost there effectiveness, if your in a small group try and pick your targets the aim is to reduce there dps as fast as possible or if you want to try ew even a group of Griffins can be effect but make sure you plan how to pick targets.
You don’t want to have any over kill with dps or ew

And good hunting

Now would it not be funny if the bowhead was carrying talos?

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As a local structural engineer I need to point out that at least 2 structures in Gheth do not have the correct permits in place.

Local authorities are investigating.