Command que for drones

A screen where one can queue commands to drones

  • drag drop target ship
  • drag drop recall command
  • drag drop orbit
  • clear queue button

So you can make a queue and go afk? Let’s not.


If it was a 3 action queue for everyone it wouldn’t be too bad. Especially if it was all 5 drones on one target. Not a queue per drone. And it was more like a normal MMO queue where the commands execute as soon as able so you couldn’t say mine this rock for 5 minutes then come home, but you could for example say recall mining drones then launch dps drones as soon as mining drones dock.
As a global queue would actually allow lasers to really be instant swap crystals rather than up to 2 or 3 seconds depending on latency by the time everything catches up.
And I can’t see that 3 commands total would allow afk with drones to any serious extent.

This that the very definition of a bot?

Overpowered, in the corner with you and think about your life for an hour!

The queue should be 1+ the maximum lockable targets.
I.e. you need to lock target and drag and drop it into the queue. This way you remove the need for an action sync packet. I cannot number the times I need to press F twice and switch target focus to ensure the CCP server acknowledges my command…its annoying.

What a terrible OP idea.


The more he explains it, the more it sounds like he wants to queue up targets and go do the dishes…

I don’t believe we need to make drones easier to use, instead lets ask CCP to get rid of aggressive mode. With any other weapon system, you need to lock a target, manually direct the weapon onto that target and manually direct it to a new target when the current target has been destroyed. Why should drones have an “easy” button that encourages “low attention” gameplay?


^^^ This 100%.

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