Community Beat for 15 April

o7 everyone!

It’s time to bring you all and bring you another instalment of the Community Beat!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the Hunt and have had some good Egg fortune! The EVE Online community is vast, and the Beat aims to help pilots discover new parts of the community that they may not have been aware of before. This week we reveal some cool projects we’ve seen across the community, featuring a tasty looking cake, some community ship redesigns and real-world builds!

As always - If you have an upcoming event, or thoughts on what you want to see - let us know! With Fanfest growing ever closer, are you bringing any SWAG? Anything to advertise your corp/alliance? We’d love to see anything you’re thinking of bringing to show or share with others!

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Fly safe o7


When will be next contest, for redesign of ships maybe? Imicus and Catalyst seems like material for 2 contests.

Even I made some projects years ago for those two ships.

With a contest I am sure people would prepare a lot better projects.


You will stare at the current beautiful Imicus for years to come. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:

We already had it for so many years! Enough! :nauseated_face:


Imicus nooo, the original is so special, you should go the strange shape it has, your looks like some kind of a fish :smiley: But the catalyst…hmmm… interesting :slight_smile:

Yes, I wanted it to resemble a living creature in shape. Gallente ship like navitas look a bit like a fish also. There are different blob fish designs all around in gallente space.

Why the imicus? Because gankers use them the most when blowing things up in high sec?
You guys havent even redone the titan u redesigned already. 48m33s in

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I actually kinda like that new Rag design.

Nice… but…to?

Really like the titan redesign idea

I like the idea of these redesigns. Keeping the curvature but removing the “blob of bubbles” looks from Gallente hulls.

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Alexander Kardieu and Rush Alderone face off in a 1v1 3 round Frigate duel this coming Saturday in the Arm Your Weapons Triple Crown.

Both of these competitors have placed #1 in three consecutive Arm Your Weapons campaigns for their factions and in doing so will fight to claim a bonus reward. A winning round is worth 5 points and second place is worth 3 points with a reward of 100M isk per point. A maximum 1.5B isk reward and a minimum 900M isk reward is possible.

A 1-day campaign will be launched on the Saturday at 00:00 and will run until midnight for all 4 factions where kills against Caldari or Gallente faction capsuleers will add a further bonus to this final amount based upon the final % kill/loss on either side.

For example: 500 losses for the Caldari to Gallente and Minmatar capsuleers and 500 losses for the Gallente to Caldari and Amarr capsuleers is a 50/50 split which will top up the final Triple Crown reward for each pilot by 50% each.

More on the 1-day faction campaign soon which will also be announced on the Intergalactic Summit forum and our thread on the General Discussion forum.

More details about the Arm Your Weapons: Triple Crown can be found in our March YC124 News Broadcast at the 2:20 mark.

Breaking: DammFam Refinery Attacked vid link included - live news feed on Sat 30th April at 4pm

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