Compact Mode

I recommend you either use keybinds or the broadcast radial menu for them - they are much more accessible!

I didn’t even know that was a thing. How does it work? I just set a hotkey for it and the best I get is a prompt that says to “click target” but when I do that nothing happens.

Edit: Nevermind I just worked it out. For those of you who are stuck on this, while holding your hotkey your normal radial menu is replaced by a broadcast menu. It’s nice but the dark purple colour is a bit off-putting.

I’m guessing it’s purple to further highlight the difference between this radial menu and the normal one, much in the same way that fleet members locking you were turned from yellow to purple several years ago. Mind you, that makes it very hard to look at your overview and see when fleet members are locking you, but I digress.


The new proton UI is good in principle, but it uses spacing terribly wrong. Instead of expanding active buttons’ areas, it creates dead zones in places most unexpected.

Hi! I am newborn player of EVE, this is great experience. I don’t even know how much of human effort and time needs to build so balanced and interesting game! Brilliantly!
But at the same time I am also a graphic designer, I work on typography and books. Based on my 12 years of experience with how people understand information based on graphic presentation, I have to focus your attention on the following points:
Very interesting for beginners like me would be the possibility of a floating window with the definition of the object the cursor is pointing at. This would be very helpful in learning the nuances of what is going on.
I switched to Photon UI today, and I can tell you that for someone who doesn’t yet perceive the whole interface intuitively, figuring out the new version has become more difficult. If you want to avoid excessive highlighting around menus, you need to visually separate control groups, tab groups, and content in a visual hierarchy more clearly. Otherwise, confusion is inevitable.
With great respect for you!


Hello, i am also relatively new. Sofar i like the new UI. But your screenshots confused me. Neither in the old UI nor in the new UI i manage got get my People&Places to look like the non-compact versions in your screenshots. how can i achive that? how can i “hide” the searchbar???

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The padding BY ITSELF is not a problem. The problem is the padding in places unexpected.
On the attached screenshot, green - expected activation zones. Red - actual active zones.
Why on earth I should play pixel hunting on a 27’’ 4k UHD screen?
Make the interface actually usable!

I feel your pain, especially when you consider how hard it is to see the cursor on a 4K screen. I’ve had to go turn on the Windows Ctrl ripple effect just to be able to find my mouse in Eve, and now I’m having to find it and then the tiny hitbox of UI elements.

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So far I like what I see, how a colored bar brings attention to which window is active, as well as, in the case of the chat windows, which chat channel tab is active. I feel enough has been said about the padding issues that I won’t add to it, but I would like say that I would really like to see the window transparency options to give me just enough transparency in the windows so when I have overview and D-scan overlapping the edge of my local chat channel, I can see when someone says something in local, I can decide if I want to click on local and read it, or, given that I could set the transparency right, I can ignore it and it won’t bleed so much through the top window I can read what I’m looking at. So in essence, be able to set it where I can if something new comes in on local, but not so much that it clutters what I’m actually trying to read. I hope that makes sense. Thanks

Will this affect other UI elements where you have free floating text? Because these can be quite difficult to read in some situations (multistack bubbles, sun glare, etc)

My biggest problem with compact mode is that after every dock/undock and log-in, windows in compact mode switch to “semi-compact mode”. Space and padding is somewhere between compact and normal mode.
So I must disable compact mode and then enable it again and again after every (un)dock.

I totally agree , first thing that i noticed is that the padding on the ui especially the header bars was way to much and scaled way to large, as for things like the inventory on a lot of ships its important to have all the sub options.

For funnsies I just tried the compact mode.

  • Why can’t I activate it globally and instead have to activate it for all windows individually?
  • The Search box is gone in compact mode in hangar windows. I have to deactivate it to get it back. That’s extremely helpful.
  • P&OP has no compact mode despite the pictures in the first post.
  • Compact Mode for Inventory removes the side tree menu completely.
  • There is no indicator at all that you have compact mode enabled. If you forget that you did that, it will be very confusing when you try to use expected UI features like Search or the side menu but can’t find them.
  • Compact mode in the Fleet window literally removes the possibility to create a fleet. Or rather, the fleet window has no functionality anymore to create your fleet at all. You now have to use the humongously huge Agency window to create a FLEET, while you need the FLEET window to use the FLEET. This is very great UI design and UI experience.


At the moment I’m finding it really hard to use the new Photon UI because its too clunky.

Minimalist View: I don’t think what you’re calling ‘compact mode’ is compact mode, its a minimalist view that makes it very difficult to conduct normal use of the UI. This view could be useful in secondary windows, for example in secondary inventory windows, but on the whole I don’t find it helpful at all.

Replicate the normal view: In my view, compact mode should be very similar to a normal view but with less padding / smaller text (compacted!).

Compact Mode Default Mode: If the compact mode replicated the normal view, I think this should be default. The new Proton UI wastes a huge amount of space and seems to be made for people with multiple / very large screens. Get your developers to develop it for single screens first, that should be easy to then use across multiple.

Compact UI Mode looks not bad but screenshots is not enough - where I can find an option to enable it?
Can’t find anything about it on TQ nor Sisi

When can we expect to see this rolling out?