Compact Mode

Love to see you guys introducing compact mode for more windows! I would also like to see a compact notepad, as right now the name for the opened note takes a lot of space, like here:

Keep up the great work!

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I have been using the new UI for a month or more. Don’t know if it is just me, but it seems as though the Personal Assets window is not as compact as it was before the 6-28 update. In any case, I went back to the older UI and it seems much more compact overall as far as the spacing of elements/text. I like the older UI much better.

Can’t tell if this has been posted before because looking through these threads is incredibly unintuitive, BUT right now in compact mode there is no way that I can find to switch between different bays/cargo holds in ships with multiple bays/cargo holds (drone bay, fleet bay, etc). This is less than ideal - it just needs some sort of tab element included to allow easy switching and dragging of items between the various holds.

Thanks everyone for all your efforts on making Photon UI the best it can be.

With the launch of Compact Windows on TQ in patch 20.06 there is a new thread feedback thread which can be found HERE.