[Compilation] The Complete Lore of the Triglavian Collective

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Uh, you have the alphabet above. Use it yourself? Even if it isn’t exact or even correct, I bet the actual result will be more entertaining than the real thing.

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is there a place I can find the actual font?

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Yes, it’s called “look at the posts this beautiful man has made and actually read them”.

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there are pictures, but im not crafty enough to get font from pictures, so thanks for the help I guess?

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Heya! just realized I hadn’t actually included a link to the font itself - you can find it here on dropbox:

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I just want to note that I have actual in-game (anecdotal) evidence of this.

I was in a Calm Dark filament. Second pocket. 3 Damavik frigates orbited my ship and did not engage, despite me destroying and looting one of their extraction nodes, even though they were clearly within firing range and orbiting. I also brought my ship to a complete stop and let them orbit for a full 30 seconds; they did not engage. They were locked on (yellow flashing brackets) but they did not fire until I actually opened fire on one of them.

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Everything is very cool !
That’s just the ships did not have to give the players. Because of the whole impression is spoiled.

The word “Narodnaya” , in real-life Russian, is literally translated as “People”; in terms of gamelore, the mentions of Narodnya in viewable data indicates that the bloodline means much the same for the Triglavian - that is, they are likely standard “people” (or whatever a normal Triglavian might be) in the race’s overall lineup. Capsuleers are also called “Augmented Foreign Narodnya” in Triglavian records, further indicating that the term refers to a conscious, breathing human body - however augmented it may be.

Since I am from Russia, I really laughed at it. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::laughing:

Narodnya = National (Folk)
Russian Folk Music:

Russian folk tales:

People have nothing to do with, “Narodnaya” is the property of the whole Nation. Memory for ages. Memory for the future generation.

The name of this bloodline refers to a folkloric figure by the name of Koschei, an immortal man whose soul has been separated from his body and hidden away. In EVE’s context, the Koschoi appear to be a sort of leadership bloodline within the Triglavian Clades, likely operating as a different (and possibly more capsuleer-comparable) mode of life.

That’s right, but there is one thing:
Koschoi = perdition (Death) = He also Karatchun:

in Slavic mythology, the deity of the lower world (HELL), who is the master of frost, cold and darkness, as well as an evil spirit that shortens life and personifies death at an early age.

Oh yeah he’s not immortal, its hard to kill :wink:

This bloodline shares its name with the Navka Overminds , the Rogue Drone swarm that is found within the Abyss. On our side, the name refers to the souls of the dead in Slavic mythology - the singular form of which also refers to an underworld which the god Veles controls - also often interpreted as another name for Vyraj, where human souls go after death and which they return from to be reborn. This is also referenced in the description of the unreleased Veles Cladepylon: “Convocation of the Troika of the Vodya Subclade of Veles Clade divined purpose for the deviant automata in the flow of Vyraj.” - taken to indicate that Vodya Subclade is finding some use or path for Rogue Drones within their own society, possibly as vessels for Triglavian infomorphs to reside in. At this point, the Navka may either be some form of Triglavian infomorphs residing in Rogue Drone “bodies” (see the Clade-aligned rogue drones alongside Triglavian vessels), or even the literal Rogue Drones themselves, simply being convinced to join the Collective for mutual benefit - something that’ll certainly be made clear in the future.

No no and one more time no !

If you take Slavic mythology, then you are wrong.

Navka - is the soul of a child or girl who passed away unwillingly. According to legends, the meeting with her did not carry anything good. Only in rare cases did a dead man take care of a person. The ideas of those who wanted to win her over with the help of gifts were usually easy to guess. At best, the mythical creature laughed at the cunning one, at worst - killed him.

Some nationalities believed that the souls of those children who were born dead or died unbaptized wander the world and ask for their baptism…

  • stillborn children
  • babies who died unbaptized.

The Rogue Drone were not created in the Federation. They existed in Spectrum Breach, a virus that later infected Federation ships. “Operation Spectrum Breach”

Navka = curse = Virus

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This explains why some Triglavians are staunchly opposed to allying with the rogue drones.

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Navka are not Rogue Drones. The Navka were an important part of Triglavian society prior to their encounter with the Rogue Drones.
“Convocation of the Troika of the Vodya Subclade of Veles Clade divined purpose for the deviant automata in the flow of Vyraj. The Koschoi of Vodya made a casting that the winnowing of the clades would be served by turning poshlost to sobornost. The Navka of Vodya gave this noema profound reverse-time sense and grounded the metaxy. The Narodnya of Yodya accepted the volition and merge-consented in the Koschoi and Navka of Troika Vodya. With this scribing is the working of the flow revealed as law”

The Navka do seem to be some kind of infomorph, possibly operating vila in a similar way to Sleepers.

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Thank you for the information! I’ve got no background in this myself, so that’s extremely helpful :slight_smile:

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The Overmind thing has to refer to a living mind operating a drone, either remotely or its configured so it can host an infomorph in some way? The alternative is that has been taken over.