Complete Liquidation (AT Ship / Titans / Mods)

Offer me

Currently have a offer for 350 for the chrem

D-P rag is fitted I believe


The corps would be way better off with liquid but I appreciate your input

Also Just so we’re on the same page,

Message me on discord asking for a handout - Blocked

Message me on discord asking if I’ll take your x and y product. - Blocked

Message me on discord to talk ■■■■ about my komodo dying/ me being xenophobic/racist or whatever the ■■■■ else snowflakes are lobbing out nowadays- Blocked

Message me asking how I made my isk - Blocked

Spam me thinking I no life EVE/Discord to insta reply… you get the picture

I don’t have time for eve drama, this is the EXACT reason why I’m leaving the game.

That being said I updated the list with ships I found on alts

300b can deal?

300 b for a Fiend Bpc?

Sorry no. I’ve had offers of 450 atm

450b ?
Maybe 460b

Do you have a imp bpc?

I offer:
250b for the Vanquisher
Retracting on Rag, just bought one.

Nope imps are something people where really stoked about I doubt there’s any out there at all


Finally another person that agrees with what I say about all the rude negotiators that come out the woodwork with these kinds of sales :slight_smile: its enough to give you indigestion.

Free bump, I would like to be notified if you decide to sell Est things separately as I might be interested in x1 Est invuln.

I figured you’d have listed it but i’ll ask anyway. Any caimans by chance?

Yo, HMU with a price for a chrem :wink:

Prtice for whiptail?

i’d like to know price for imp and chremoas

Alright sorry about not being too active but RL sux.

Updating prices now.

One Chrem has been sold.

Sent you a Discord request.