Complete Liquidation (AT Ship / Titans / Mods)

Its finally time. I rid myself of my backup fund for the game and free myself fully of any possibility of ever coming back to this god for saken game.

These are just prices I have set, dm me on discord if you want something more concrete.
I currently have for sale
AT Ships:

2 Tiamat - 280 / Ea
2 Hydra - 180 / Ea
1 Imp - 500 obo
1 Fiend Bpc - 450 obo
2 Chremoas - 420 Ea - 1 Sold for 415 bil - 1 left
1 Adrestria - 320 obo
1 Whiptail - 220 obo

All of these are in Jita except for the BPC that is sitting in Perimeter’s Money Laundering Keepstar. (TTT)

As for Titans

I have:

1 Fitted Raganarok in Basergin - and it has a couple other refits - haws/autos/all flavors of dds

1 Fitted Avatar in Basergin - and same as rag has refits.

1 Unfitted Vanquisher in Basergin - Not fitted

1 Ragnarok in D-P (TAPI Space) -

Finally my most prized possesion: My estamels set

2x Estamels Adapatives (Yes these are the famous ones that I ripped off my Komodo before I lost it)
and all flavors of the set estamels.
If you are a komodo owner you know how difficult it is to get this.

I’m sure I have other purple loot but it wouldn’t amount to anything past 150 bil.

I know this is alot of stuff, trust me I barely wanted to make this thread and have been avoiding doing so for a while, but better to rip the bandaid off and I have a general idea for the prices. So no you will not be getting a imp for 200-300 bil from me. Move along. I am in no hurry to sell these ships.

As for the isk, I will be distributing the ISK to corps in TEST that deserve it so that they may so venture off and maybe do their own thing. Therefore do not ask me for it, or if you can have anything.

Bid away.

Or contact me on discord:

CJ Agnon#0666

Updated on 2:25:20 at 8:23 CST with new ships I found on alts.


Well done on your collection, and I wish you all the best for the future.

I sent you a discord invite so we can discuss deals.

How much for the estamels invulns

I’ll take those adaptives when u break down and want to give them to someone that will use them. o/

sad day bois. CJ, thank you for your service. secret santa isnt the same with out you. you’ll be missed in game but i know we’ll play other ■■■■ when you aint so busy. love you bro, full homo

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Ahh we’ve had this talk before. Shoulda bought them when you got the homeboy hookup. Now, let’s start at 175 a pop

Nah nevermind since I’m some kind of “hardcore racist” as you eloquently stated ill sell you the set for 300 bil a pop. Anyone else can get it for 350 for both.

Love you too brother.

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Sure man, bid away

Oops I forgot to allow random messages thanks homie

You can always just give the stuff to the corps instead of selling it and quit now CJ

Added on Discord.

Guess I’ll get stuff started. 200 for the whiptail if you’ve got one.

Sent you a Discord request, I am interested in a few things.

How much for the ragna in d-p? is it also fitted?

PM me Chremoas price

How much for the Fiend Bpc?

hows the price of vanquisher? are you interested in isks + faction citadels?

added disc

Honest to god y’all just add me on discord I will very likely be slow as hell to check this.

What I will do is if someone bids on this thread I’ll add it to the list.

No I want isk and only isk