[COMPLETED] 20240222 - Scheduled outage of secure.eveonline.com

UPDATE: All work has been completed and services are back online.

Hello spacefriends,

On Thursday 22 February some of our web services will be going offline for scheduled maintenance beginning a 09:00 UTC. The maintenance period is expected to be brief with services back to normal by 09:30 UTC.

Affected services will include the account management page (http://secure.eveonline.com) and some related payment services. During this brief period you will be unable to access your account management page, add Omega time, purchase PLEX etc.

We will update you once the maintenance has completed and services are back online.



Something is up.

Same for me as well.

same here

Not for this subject but yea, we probably all have that problem now for about last 15 minutes.

Well, there goes my 5bil Carrier. :rofl: :sob:

Sorry for the “me too”, but: me too. I don’t see what this has to do with active in-game connections (all of which just got severed). If there is a relation (other than when logging in/connecting the client), then this should have been announced in-game through the usual means and not just on a forum.