[COMPLETED] Daily Downtime Extension - 15.09.2020

Specially trained server hamsters, Syrian, trained to work under conditions of extreme heat.

What about racoons? They’re pretty feisty.


Hope they hanging the cloaky campers atm.

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If I’m understanding correctly, the hamster got out and chewed through the network cable. Is that what happened? If so, you need to armour those cables, seriously… oh and feed the hamster more


The Depths of the Abyss turn to Death of the Abyss

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I could get behind some racoons. They are super cute

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Devs gotta eat too

Maybe they ate the hamster?!


Gotta hull tank it bro

This is like the 10 times this year of unexpected issue.

Fix the code ffs.

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Trashpanda would.

do you have to feed hamsters???

They better not have eaten the hamster those things are super cute

The database has recovered and we are working on bringing the services back on.


Dude relax if you’re so concerned with the code then why dont you fly to Iceland and help them

Can we get any kind of ETA of when servers are back up? minutes, hours??

If you put a cat in full view of the hamsters, they’ll soon pick up speed.
And a meal break will be the last thing on their minds.

Translation: We found the hamster and are coaxing it back into the wheel with nuts


it will be up when its up

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Don’t forget to pay the electricity bill eh thank you: p

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