[COMPLETED] Daily Downtime Extension - 15.09.2020

cool you found a replacement hamster good work :wink:

you have some of the best comments


Just when I was going to get a 1 year subscription…

If you are going to restore from back-up could you do it pre-skill injectors and plex. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hopefully this sorts out the constant server disconnects a few have been encountering over the past week.
Just yesterday I had 5 within an hour.

lol knew you would be number 1 haha

i could get behind losing the Skill injectors

Meanwhile some loved ones are getting messages from eve players who they hadn’t heard from in months :stuck_out_tongue:


While we have different delicacies in Iceland, hamsters are definitely not one of them :stuck_out_tongue:


I pay for a service and i am tired to hear this excuse evrytime an “unexpect issue” come up.

so i have evry right to complain about it

So that’s 100k SP for every minute we’ve been waiting for you to plug the power cable back in CCP? :slight_smile:


thats good to hear.

1 eternity later

I’ve eaten horse in Iceland, I know what you lot are like! :smile:

Starting up…(76 sec.) woohoo

You see my friend, this is why you don’t get many Aussie players…

then stop paying for it and go play wow

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reimburse my time with skill points. a million at least


Всё, запустили сервер. Заходите играть. А то шума из-за хомяков :slight_smile:

CCP Convict did it…with a Soda…in the Server Room. Was I right!? :smiley:

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