[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/06/04

perhaps they have only a couple hours to do EvE before they have to go to work or something else?

So, when we will have wh from raravos to jove space? xD

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CCP Dopamine, 30 minutes notice would be passable. This is frustrating af when a hundred odd people have date night.


I am glad I am player not a “the one behind the desk”…
keep up the good work!

At least their attempts at making the game better percists.


What if they would have told you 24 hours ago? The result is still the same.

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hey … they managed it to give a warning beforehand this time … just wait 3 to 10 years, and they might be up to speed.

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Guess no one thinks that the problem could have come up at the “last minute”, thus the short notification.

They could have just NOT told us…

Can’t please everyone I guess, lol



they clearly haven’t done lvl 5 skill on notification lol


will this fix the missing sounds?


The entitlement is strong in this thread.


Thank you for this awesome game! Just started up yesterday

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I work with a cock like this. He puts in overtime when we clock off at 4 and he finishes at 4:02.
Structured up his own arse hole.


I really hope you will fix Triglavian Invasion ASAP

Obvs you never studied economics…

Some of us are in null, counting on brief DT before either continuing PVP or travelling home. Also, some of us are in Australia and DT falls at 9pm. Now I have to wait 30 minutes before I can jump back on and get my ship home. Early start tomorrow? Too bad now.

It raises a few questions when these attempts have been going on for more than a decade though…

30sec is advance notification, at least it wasn’t AFTER the fact.

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holly cow, come on ppl it’s a measly 15 minutes, Some of you sound like it’s hours.

grab a drink, something to eat, heaven forbid go for 15 minute walk to put some blood back in parts that need it grin, take a pee.

Take a deep breath, relax, we’ll be fine.

Fly safe peeps o7