[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/09/08

LOL! :rofl:

Patch notes ahead of the release, perchance?


What Date Line Is EVE server based on , Im new and I’m on Arizona USA Time .

I think it is Iceland, Eve time is either 1 or 2 h ahed of Central European Time, depending of daylight corrections.
Simply look at the time display of your Eve client, Eve Time is shown there.

Thank you very much , about an 8 hour Diff for me .

Eve time is the same as UTC. It’s 4 hours ahead of Eastern US (5 if not doing Daylight Savings Time). Not sure if Arizona is Pacific or Mountain time, but Pacific is 3 hours behind Eastern and Mountain is 2 hours behind.

So at the time of this post, it is 18:41 Eve Time.

Stop dreaming please, if CCP would knew how to code efficent, they would get paid fairly!

Fly Safe

Well I’m glad you found that funny.

So was that as in ‘Yeah that will never happen’ or ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about’?

Is that in seeking agreement or seeking reassurance?

As in ‘Seeking Knowledge’ and ‘Seeking An Answer’ as to why you thought it was funny.

Isn’t there usually more notice?

My guess is he laughed at your label of “desperate” assigned to such bug fixes that 1. are not critical nor game breaking and 2. might not influence many people (if I recall correctly what issues you refer to). Not saying I agree these shouldn’t be fixed as a priority especially after such a long time nor they are not desperately needed by some, so not casting judgement, just trying to help answer your question as he doesn’t do it himself in his reply.

is this for the quantum cores?

The bugs infesting the Market interface should have been eradicated asap back when they were first reported over 6 months ago.

CCP may know how many players are directly affected by it through Active Buy & Sell Orders but they don’t know how many players are indirectly affected by it, such as Players wanting to purchase the items but can’t due to the bugs.

Also the players listing the Market Orders for certain items are getting ripped off. They’re spending ISK for Orders that won’t be filled due to these bugs:

  1. Market displays items in wrong category
  2. Market doesn’t show orders or recognize in-game item

If I was one of those players spending ISK to list orders for items that the Market Interface either displays in the wrong category or doesn’t recognize the item as being in-game, I’d be pissed.

Most players looking in the proper category probably think the item isn’t available, all because the item is actually being listed in the wrong category, Same thing for the item not being listed or recognized by the Market Interface.

:red_circle: Thank you CCP. Already 2 disconnects this morning. Are they part of the extended DT works, too?

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deployment of Q-core?

uninstall and reinstall that client

first I am learning of a bugged marketplace my buys and sells working fine

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Here: https://www.eveonline.com/article/qgbcm2/patch-notes-for-version-18-09

Uninstall that client and then don’t reinstall it as a warning to the others.