[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 20220203

thank you and the rest of CCP for the hard work you put in to make this game so great. Still playing after 12 years.

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this is completely counterproductive derision.

congrats bro. 18 years and one day myself. SALUTE to all OG players!!!

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One day experiment

TY CCP for including the update info here and not just on Twitter.

Let me guess how many alt accounts you have…hmm…Eleven!

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Any newer players that would find that fun right off the bat will probably join FW for their empire faction pretty quickly. Haven’t done the NPE since 2019, but AFAIR, there was a gentle nudge that they could go try FW near the end of the career agents but that was about it. Maybe Aura needs to tell 'em about it, too.

But if you make the actual NPC newbie corps war… you’ll confuse and turn away a lot of first day players who aren’t chomping at the bit for that specific content right away.

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I gotta say, this one inflammatory reply got a large number of people posting for the first time ever or in months.

You obviously are playing a different game, because EVE seems to be what you make of it.

Thanks for the warning @CCP_Convict

The devs are broken Mickey, at this point they are scooping up the sludge leaking out the crack in the dumpster that is on fire putting it on a bun make it look pretty and when ya bite into its still garbage.
They should take every idea they have and do the opposite their jackup of manufacturing is the feeding us the crumbs of soon to be microtransactions for ship hulls and clothes…

Would have been easier to say the game would be down for 30 minutes than to say the game would be down until 11:30 UTC.

I actually had no idea what UTC time the game went down and had to look it up.

DT is normally 15 min… So its technically not wrong to say it how they did. Plus 11:30 UTC is AKA EVE Time.

so playing a video game taught you something !!

hehehe :smile:

Yeah, I used to sub a year up front but now it’s that bad I only sub a month at a time now. I don’t enjoy eve as much as I used to and I’m seriously thinking about quitting

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ah number 56th lol

Да из Вас всю грамматику выкачали, ни капли не оставили :slight_smile:

my main question is you say its routine but is it really or you fixing some of the bs that keeps going

Can I have your stuff then?

Stuck in Authenticating. :thinking: