[Completed] Extended Downtime Notification - 26 October 2021


There will be an extended downtime on Tuesday, 26 October, lasting until 11:45 UTC. A continuation from last weeks’ extended downtime which began the process of fully cabling a new SAN, replacing the DB hardware, and upgrading to SQL Server 2019. The server may be back up a bit earlier if work is completed ahead of schedule.

We’ll keep you updated on this thread and the EVE Status Twitter account if there are any noteworthy developments.


11:45 Updates are complete and successful, however cleanup is still ongoing. Will have a better time estimate momentarily.

11:50 VIP has been lifted, Tranquility is once again accepting connections


So… again… when can we get more than 3 shared bookmark folders and 5 personal folders?

Also when can we have more than 1,000 items per container/cargo? Having lots of containers just for 1,000 Blueprints is really cumbersom.

With all these upgrades we should get something from it right?

PS: Jita is still … jitter.


You know these changes have zero to do with this yeah?

Pretty sure the 1,000 items per container/cargo are stored in the database as are bookmarks.


They are. but the 1000 limit is nothing to do with a DB limit

So, 1,000 containers x 1,000 items per container… that’s the upper bound on storage.

1,000,000 items max. Per station/ship.

Which still has nothing to do with any of what’s being updated.

What is being updated? The Database, the SAN.

Yes, the network and DB hardware is being upgraded, and they’re changing to SQL Server 2019. None of that impacts the way CCP has coded their DB structure or its limitations.

It’s like saying ‘oh, the road outside my house is being repaved. That means the car seats more people, right?’


With the decline in player numbers over the past 10 years, logic would state that as the player load decreases, the available resources per player increases, especially when upgraded too.

Yet we’re still stuck with the upper bounded limits.

That’d be true if two conditions were also true. First, when someone stops playing, their assets are all removed from the DB. But you can stop playing for 10 years, and then come back and have all your stuff.

Second, if CCP had coded their DB structure to be dependent on ‘there are X slots in the DB spread among Y players’. Which isn’t the case.

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Their assets are “inactive” and not queried or cached as they are being unused, since the player “stopped playing” by definition. They may be stored sure, but not queried or cached, that’s an important difference don’t you think? Storage is cheap.


Not really. First, CCP has no way to control that: the player might come back. Second, it’s not really relevant to issues like max inventory size. That’s all in how they structured things the last time they overhauled the DB structure, and isn’t dependent on player activity or the underlying hardware or db software being used. Those things might impact the speed of response, but response time isn’t why caps are in place. That’s all about the same structural concerns that necessitate the ‘can’t put a container in a container’ response.


Sure, they have to start querying and caching once they become active again, but look at the player count, it’s in a downtrend.

Still irrelevant to the db structure. Just because the next car on the road isn’t carpooling anymore, that doesn’t give you more room in yours.


Anybody who does anything with BPO’s and BPC’s probably has a ton of cargo containers called “Blueprint copies 1”… “Blueprint copies N”. It becomes cumbersom and a terrible player experience.

And when you want to haul them, it’s even more cumbersom.

Yes, I know, I deal w/BPCs, myself. I’m not saying they shouldn’t fix it. I’m just saying these changes have no bearing on it. That would need them to actually go in and recode the underlying structure of the database.


Yet they want us to keep buying and consuming PLEX.

You act like it’s one sided demands and expectations.

Absolutely nothing wrong with expecting and hoping for a better game, that we PAY FOR, that funds these UPRADES.

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The game wouldn’t exist without paying customers.

Those “improvements” wouldn’t exist without us paying.

Quit acting like we’re getting handouts.

Don’t worry though, the price will increase due to monetary base inflation (your fiat currency is worth less, and less purchasing power).