[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 28.09.2020

Hey guys,

We are testing another piece of hardware for our database today, similarly as we have done it a couple of times last week. I know this is not ideal, so hang on in there :slight_smile:


Would you mind reaching out to our customer support about the random disconnects you have been having and providing them with information they might need to look into this? That would be super cool!

I am intrigued now… you have to tell me more about it!

Looks like it is hard to wear :slight_smile:

same prob here… moved all my stuff from null to highsec just to find myself in a even worse situation…

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@DeepBlue @Core_Paradox

You people are silly. 1 minute worth of time and you don’t need to worry about going through a trig system other than the Full Lum ones were other players are your biggest concern.

Get a grip

There’s your mistake. Nullsec is the new highsec.


EVEN if it would be true (which is not, otherwise i´m bewildered why people dont move to null if it´s that safe. Guess they like challenge…) - it is achieved by local residents, not game mechanics.

just not notify nerfs

as long as it improves the overall experience it’s fine!
Keep doing your stuff CCP!


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I’m not having this diconnects in the last days. But I used to a lot maybe before a week or two ago.


Im used to weekly updates on the mmo games Ive played so this daily update crap is seriously irritating. Now extended downtime is becoming a daily situation?

100 freighter loads stuck in nonni … the problem is getting it out of there… (not around something). Daras and Aunenen are jammed, so no more jump freighters. i guess i sit it out. lol

Thank you for the info

And why is that? What has changed that you cannot move stuff? My corp and i we are just moving stuff as before… Try using the ships EVE online has. Don’t stick with T1 go for T2. There are some cloaky transport ships. Scan some wormholes and bypass dangerous systems. In this game only the lazy ppl talk like you imho. GL HF.


u guys hearing musicwhile waiting for dt to be done? love it

HS is totally boring tho and can get ganked while mining as well anyway…
Spent last 2 days exploring LS, wasn’t that bad at all after announcing myself in some busy systems, i even get a go ahead to take data and relics…

What type of music are you getting?

like before u choose wut character u want to play as