[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 3 February 2021

fait au plus vite lol ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

good evening. is the game still down. I am just coming back from not playing in a long time

Game hasn’t gone down yet. The downtime is just going to be a little longer in the morning.

i see thanks for info

is it the fllet discovery update ( Fleet Discovery Improved | EVE Online?

It’s the back-end maintenance that was planned last week and had to be rescheduled - as listed in the OP.

For those who cannot be bothered to use the Search function:
[Cancelled] Extended Downtime Notification - 28 January 2021

40 minute without EVE … i probably have to do some school homworks to not get bored .
I can’t beliEVE they did that to us … 40 minute is a lot ;D

Perth? :grimacing:

No, sir. It is only a maintenance work for the database. Game content patches will start rolling out from next week :slight_smile:

Have you had a chance to check the new Fleet Finder on the Singularity Test Server?

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You should definitely keep an eye on this thread, because we will get the server back up online earlier if everything goes smoothly :slight_smile:

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Well I think I’m gonna wait!

what r u guys adding to the game?

that was November 2020

i relate to this so hard lol

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Good day, the extended maintenance has begun and our engineers are at work getting all the necessary work with our database sorted. I will let you know if we are expecting to be back online earlier than the estimated 45 minutes.


not really as I still don’t have access to that server …

Off topic but when do you expect the next sisi mirror to be ? I can’t remember my old password and I’ve got some T6 fits I am dieing to try out :smiley:


is it back up yet or should i just refreash this thread for 40 minutes?

tanks Dope C: