Computer Scientists Break Traveling Salesperson Record

Relevant Paper:

Sorry it’s just a link, but it’s early in the morning and I don’t really know what to add to it,
except that the game uses the TSP problem for route optimization … so it’s EVE related.

Also we’re all mostly nerds in here, so it’s probably interesting.


If only it could help us to optimize 11 or more way points. Maybe in a few years after more research. :slight_smile:

Probably not, but who knows!

Too bad we can’t use Project Discovery to optimize our autopilot routes.

Autopilot takes so long that you’d think CCP has a cache of precomputed routes it could use by now but…

I wonder which 3rd party tools will implement this (or use the original, for that matter). jEveAssets lets you specify the algorithm used, for example - I wonder if they’ll toss this in? @Golden_Gnu :face_with_monocle:


Sorry to disappoint, but, I just use a slightly modified library.
I only have a shallow understanding of the actual algorithms.

Eve doesn’t try to solve the TSP, it just find the shortest routes between waypoints.
ESI have a route endpoint that replicate the logic used:
And it’s open source: if you want to look into how the algorithm works

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No disappointment incurred! I’m quite fond of jEveAssets, so I appreciate the insight as to where you get your algorithms from :slight_smile:

And thanks to you, now we know who to harass to improve the algorithms it uses :smiley:

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