Conccord police protection


in gallente space high sec 0.9, i was out mining an asteroid belt, when the guristas pirate faction swooped in and stated attacking me. these were not your normal rats you would encounter while doing a combat anomaly. I did escape just.
I did go back with a combat ship, but they had 6 missile frigates, and i did not have the tank to get close/damage them.
so my question is, do the police come to help you when a new pirate faction moves in to attack you ?

CONCORD will only intervene when one capsuleer attacks another. In other words, if a player attacks you, CONCORD will destroy your aggressor, but if NPCs attack, CONCORD will do nothing. In this situation, you are on your own.

Sounds like there is a FOB in your system. Use the agency, encounters tab, to see if there is a pirate stronghold in the system.

If so, you’ll need to mine in another system until someone destroys the FOB or it despawns on its own. The FOB rats are tough - not something new players should tackle without lots of help.

You’ll also find roaming Raznaborg Triglavian rats in belts throughout highsec. Mining in peace may be a thing of the past. You should be able to escape if you’re alert.

thanks for the quick responses.
there is a FOB in system
how long on average before they despawn ?

Seems to be about two weeks. But don’t be surprised if a group decides to take it out before then.

There used to be factional system police that used to come and help based on your standings with them, these were removed years ago. Concord only act in player vs player attacks.

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