Concerning the state of State Armed Forces

Executive classes in most megacorporations are now openly criticizing Caldari Navy leadership and urging the Chief Executive Panel to take further action to reform the Navy, or even place it completely under control of officers drawn from corporate security forces
Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Invasion of Niarja Threatens Key Amarr-Caldari Trade Route

State Armed Forces is in bad shape, this hardly can be argued. I suggest to look into history and try to understand reasons of failures.
For a long time SAF was largely separated from megacorporative PMCs, had no authority over them even in wartime and lagged behind in terms of equipment and training. But things started to change with arrival of Tibus Heth and Templis Dragonaurs. YC 110 is notable for intensive preparations of SAF under guidance of CPD and Dragonaurs and famous Operation “Blue Phoenix”, capture of Caldari Prime.
Maintenance of military presence on captured planed showed problems of current system of SAF. As the result in YC 111 Caldari Providence Directorate submitted and Chief Executive Panel accepted a military reform, which was aimed at increasing of the transport and logistical capacity, number of front-line combat ships and military recruits and funding for R&D contracts… And giving SAF general staff increased authority over corporate military forces.
Despite CEP decision not all was happy about that reform. After vote Sukuuvestaa delegate Iidastoh Vapalmaa said for press:

This is a dangerous step in restricting corporate security’s ability to guard vital assets and privileged corporate information. Shared lines of communication are much harder to secure and the new arrangement endangers both property and employees. If it is necessary to submit to these rules when operating in these territories, our corporation will certainly be scaling back its previous plans to invest there.

Looks like Megas’ don’t like the idea of putting their profits at risk even for security of all the State, isn’t it?
And YC 115 come. After dramatic chain of events Caldari Providence Directorate was dissolved. And megacorporations quickly revoked some parts of reform: PMCs once again became independent from State Armed Forces.

Now let’s again look at one part of news article:

or even place it completely under control of officers drawn from corporate security forces

This make me think. What if corporations want to take Army and Navy under their full control so they will never see the threat for their rule from this part of society? What if they want to put them below their PMCs? And what if they intentionally eroded SAF so this moment for takeover can come?
Taking State Armed Forces under Megas’ wing can help in short-term. But I’m afraid that in long term in will turn SAF into just another tool of corporative warfare.

We can criticize Tibus Heth and Templis Dragonaurs as long as we want. But they at least tried to make a strong intercorporational military any caldari can be pride of. Time is come to learn the lessions from this part of our history.
Megacorporations should not keep their best equipment and staff for only themselves, but provide it for CEP-controlled SAF. Protection of the Homeland must lie not in hands of executives, but of every citizen of State.
Only in unity we can win.


Kinda the one thing I like about Heth - He was a strong personality that managed to serve as a unifying figure for people to rally behind… You COULD say he was the Caldari State’s version of Fatal.

Heth’s biggest fault was his bravado, but his militaristic approarch very well could be paying off today if he was more about fortifying the State than trying to spend resources and manpower to make a strategic strike in the middle of Federal borders to capture one planet, which led to the cascade of scandals that ultimately led to his downfall.

I don’t see any benefit in the Navy being sliced up between officers of different corporations as then I suspect there will be bias interests.

The commander from Lai Dai might have a different idea in mind for naval forces to protect “Vital and necessary facilitates and territory that just happens to be owned by the Lai Dai Corporation.” while the commander from Wiyrkomi might have their OWN idea in mind where naval forces should be to protect “Vital and necessary facilitates and territory that just happens to be owned by the Wiyrkomi Corporation”

Way i see it, giving control to officers loyal to their own mega-tribe will just divide up an already crippled military force. More talking heads to argue and bicker among each other.


Respectfully, Avio?

Heth’s biggest fault was that he was a Templis Dragonaur, a reactionary romantic whose nostalgia for a mythic past was matched only by his brutal, terminally naive folly in approaching contemporary reality. He was literally the kind of man who preferred destroying your people’s Home to having to compromise over it.

One who thinks he can impose his will on this world by force of arms and resurrect an ancient history that never even existed the way he imagines it is an irredeemable fool.

A unified, robust leadership has its advantages. Heth’s not your model, though. Admiral Yanala-- she whom he murdered for refusing to destroy that self-same Home-- would have been a better choice.


Ms. Jenneth, I would like to note, that Templis Dragonaurs are not so bad. Not all of them are genocidal anti-gallentian maniacs — and to say so will be gross oversimplification and underestimation — and they are at least always ready to fight.
And about being fool for trying to ressurect nonexistent past… Isn’t dreams exists for making them real?

Then say, what would Admiral Yanala do in that situation?

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Now to you, Avio, if you will let me call you by name!

What a times have come, if Gurista reasonably points out our problems existing and incoming!

I can argue about need or needless of that one strike and capture of one planet: this act was of ideological importance. And I personally think that it was not a fault at all. His fault was in absence of good civilian development team. After all, at that time there was no total war, but only one operation and occupation.

But going back to today:

This. This is exactly my point. Now we must remember what Cold Wind said to K’vire and Deteaas, to close our eyes for not to see our different symbols and to fight back Collective as one, Raata people!

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Janus Bravour had a good start with the reforms but after the Megas stepped in, it kinda slowed down.

Now the Megas are again trying to spread thin the available resources in a time concentration would most likely be better suited for the current situation.


I am sorry but this is blatant and unabashed historical revisionism. The Templis Dragonaurs are quite possibly one of the most if not the most vehement anti-Gallentian organisation in New Eden to date. They are the reason that our people have been separated and divided across the stars, with their vile actions at Nouvelle Rouvenour. Their position is one so extreme that even the Caldari State has declared them as terrorists and outlaws. I find it hard to believe that anyone would join them if they did not share their fanatical outlook on the Federation and Gallente in particular.

I’ve worked with some types that I have been at odds with before, but there are few more that I personally despise than the Templis Dragonaurs. There is no redeeming them as an organisation and they should not be tolerated one ounce wherever they are found. And just because they are always ready to fight, does not mean they are willing to fight for the right cause.

I spit on anyone that bears their colours or follows their ideology. To blazes with the Dragonaurs.


Commander Adams, let me share one truth: I am a Dragonaur. Say so because I can not be sure do former Dragonaurs exists. And I still have no regret that I joined their ranks.
And now try to remember something. Do I offended you or any gallentian? Or maybe I fought outside of caldari part of warzone when I was in Protectorate? Or maybe I supported Commander Kim when she again and again moked gallentian kin and called them primary threat even when Triglav started to rampage at our land? Or maybe I commited atrocities against gallentian population of Caldari Prime when I was able to? No! No, no and no! Because to be Dragonaur doesn’t mean to hate gallentians. To be Dragonaur mean to love caldari people and to put their survival above even own life.

Yes, I hardly can trust Federation, will be honest. You have tendency for agressive cultural expansionism. But I blame no individuals and try to identify real threats if they are present. And many of us do. Winds encourage clear mind after all. And in the end those who give themselves entirely to fierce currencies of Storm Wind face inevitable punishment.

According to the recent news CEP decided to put leadership of SAF under house arrest and place corporative officiers in their place under the banner of “Transitional General Staff of the Corporate State of the Caldari People”.

While it’s good to see that new structure should be under direct command of CEP, it saddens me that such course of actions was taken.
Now I can only comply to the State decision and hope that this will be for good.

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