"Do you know how it's hard to find stations with such good scenery?!"

While corporate security forces have shown exceptional restraint in the face of worker protests, it has been reported there have been raids against underworld groups and clashes with alleged Templis Dragonaur cells, Guristas Pirate affiliates, and even gangs loyal to the Angel Cartel. While there has been silence from the upper echelons of the Caldari Navy, senior field officers have criticized the planning and execution of the recent refit of units seconded to EDENCOM service. Some line officers have also spoken of sabotage and subversion by Provists attempting to “undermine the order of our Corporate State”

Endatoh V - Echelon Entertainment Development Studio - “Soaring Dragon” Teahouse

August 21, YC 122

— You know the news, so let’s go without introductions. I want to discuss two important things. First, Megas stared to mess with SAF and hunt us. We try to reestablish contacts with Orchids, but with limited success…

— Don’t say that we totally lose grip on SAF…

— Oh, I do! “Transitional General Staff of the Corporate State of the Caldari People”. “Corporate State”! What the ■■■■ is even that? They what, try to make some cheap gallentian cyberpunk ■■■■■■■■ with evil greedy megas controlling everything?

— Well, after Heth it became expectable… And hey, we are de-facto is a corporate state from the beginning. But something is rotten in the State of Caldari if I can agree with Gurista.

— Ah, yes, did you send the letter?

— Waiting for an answer.

— Good. So, SAF. You need to keep in touch with them and report everything Megas will do on that field.

— Understood.

— And second. I want to move our ass…ets, this teahouse included. You once said that you have some ideas?

— Well, I don’t sure that you will like it, but… What about Uedama?

— Uedama? Really? How do you eggers call it, “weather forecast reports incoming ganker storm”?

— Really! Do you know how it’s hard to find stations with such good scenery?! And “weather” is not so bad… Anyway, I have some other variants.

— We will discuss them later… There is the reason why I want to move.

— Home Guard?

— Stay calm, I prepared something for this scenario. Let’s play some smoke and mirrors…


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