[CONCLUDED] 2019/03/28 - Live AMA With CCP Hellmar!

(CCP Hellmar) #21

I agree, it would be a shame. Your question makes me want to check for a leak.

(CCP Hellmar) #22

I agree.

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(Thrashy Dumpster) #23

How would you justify capitals getting over two times better insurance than T2 ships?

(CCP Hellmar) #24

yay but I changed my mind and now it´s a no.
I actually ran a pizza place in Mosfellsbær when I was at University.

(Jaiden Solo) #25

How do you feel about inflation within the game and specifically with the price of PLEX.

(CCP Hellmar) #26

Drifters, no question. First time I saw a drifter, I ■■■■ my pants - just a little bit.

(CCP Hellmar) #27

Not realizing multiple cores in a CPU would be a thing.

(CCP Hellmar) #28

I, like you are very interesting in timetravel, it´s such a scifi thing. latest research into the matter seems to indicate we could actually travel back and change the timeline. I think that´s actually simpler than figuring out how to roll back the code.

(Gitzo Gutface) #29

With the Korean localisation coming, and the opportunities for reaching new players though working with Pearl Abyss I am curious about the following things.

Can you tell us about the marketing plans / strategies for attracting new players?

Which opportunities have arisen due to working with Pearl Abyss? Are there synergies?

The Fleet finder function in the new agency looks very promising for getting new players engaged. What is the strategy for making it easier to find the social connection in eve?

Would it be possible to add escalations to the missions in your overview?

Fly safe Capsuleer o7

(Buoytender Bob) #30

Has there been any thoughts of applying the coding for Abyssal Space filaments and the content are generated for each one and reworking it a bit to be used to generate new missions as well as new exploration sites?

(sheshi Shaishi) #31

Do you think making panic only apply to sub caps on grid instead of the rorqual would be good as the rorq already has tank that rivals that of a fax even after the coming nerf

would allow dreadbombs under the umbrella to work more often

(Solecist Project) #32

You’ve nerfed a lot over the years, apparently without realizing. Many psychological barriers have been implemented, which ultimately hurt especially new players from potentially interacting with others.

Will you re-introduce more/old ways of interaction between pilots in highsec, to increase the change of people meeting and creating friends randomly, naturally, organically, instead of trying to artificially cause these situations?

Talking about highsec!

(CCP Hellmar) #33

The Hadean tech is applicable to many cases in gaming. It´s actually quite similar to an architecture proposal we created at CCP back in 2013. The first step is more about simulation games like EVE where the user input is not very twitchy. FPSs are more a networking data distro problem than a simulation problem. It could eventually be applied to that but games like EVE are the low hanging fruit.

(KIli Daran) #34

With past titles like Valkyire, Gunjack, Nova and Dust been based on the Unreal engine. Have you ever thought about moving EVE over to Unreal as well?

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(Dracvlad) #35

Thanks for the answer on bumping of freighters in hisec. Without that I think that ganking is pretty balanced in hisec. The issue I have with it is that the hisec player who is casual and has one account maybe two is not able to counter it, which is especially poor in terms of the fact that he is being held in place with an act that produces no consequences. I understand that consequences for that would be a bad idea.

What I have come to now as a possible way to keep this in is that an option you should look at is enabling fitting on freighters like you can with the Bowhead.

One of the major issues I see with this bumping mechanic is that it makes moving stuff around hisec a chore and you don’t really get much benefit for actually being at your ships controls as compared to AFK, apart from docking up and logging.

I hope you do a war dec like check on this, because many players I spoke to who had been bumped blamed CCP for the poor mechanics and that is not good in terms of players deciding to stay after a loss.

(Atij Remmacs) #36

Society of Conscious Thought, InterBUS, etc. Any chance that we will see a return of agents? LP store and more? Plase

(CCP Hellmar) #37

No one to my knowledge has asked for this. Now that you have, a seed has been planted.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #38

That’s a great reaction haha, they’re definitely very imposing - I’ve got nothing but good stuff to say about their whole design aesthetic and story (and the doomsday sound)~

Can’t wait to see where you guys take them in conjunction with the Triglavians, over the course of this year’s ongoing “Invasion” plan :slight_smile:

(Solecist Project) #39

Second and last question from me:

Would you allow me trying to tackle that computational problem you’re trying to solve?

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(Spacepilot101) #40

Since 2019 is pretty much dedicated to improve the technical base of EVE and also balancing the game, I would like to know which section of EVE needs the most effort in order to keep everything balanced in your opinion.