Concord cops not doing enough, need "Precrime" police force like in "Minority Report"

It’s undeniable that griefing in high-sec has reached astronomical levels. Groups like CODE./Safety. are killing hundreds of innocent non-combatants every day, and those numbers are only growing. It’s becoming virtually impossible to mine, run missions, or transport goods in an area of the game that should be free of violence and unwanted interference by virtue of its very name.

As has been established in other recent discussions, our current NPC police force simply isn’t effective in its stated intent to combat crime. Psychopathic bullies will continue to adapt in the face of any changes implemented to alleviate griefing. Making CONCORD respond to criminal activity faster, making combat ships do less damage or industrial ships have more hit points, or increasing the punishments for criminal activities will all be met with increased use of alts and underhanded tactics.

We need something more than just faster CONCORD responses or panic buttons. Perhaps we should take inspiration from the movie “Minority Report”, in which a police unit containing special people with precognitive abilities is able to predict crimes before they happen, enabling it to intercept and arrest the future criminals before they can go through with their terrible acts. EVE likewise needs an NPC police force that doesn’t merely punish crimes, but can prevent them from taking place at all.

This wouldn’t be too difficult to implement, as it could be handled by conditional scripting. For example, if someone browses for Catalysts, small blasters, or cargo scanners on the market, a police task force would be dispatched to that station’s undock point, and would take out the pilot when they undock from it. Or the police force could keep track of all ships that have unconventional fitting setups, such as the absence of an active tank or industrial modules usually necessary for business in high-security space - anyone using such a ship/setup in space would be intercepted immediately upon arriving on the same grid as a ship that exceeds a certain ISK/hit point ratio, or at the alignment stage of a warp to an asteroid belt or ice field.

The system could even cross-reference in-game chat logs against a database of words and phrases commonly used by gankers right before they go through with ganks, in order to predict when someone who isn’t otherwise a ganking pre-suspect is getting ready to perform the act (this is a conveniently roleplay-friendly method because all communication goes through star gates).

We’re really close to finally solving the issues that plague our game, and making EVE a safe, equitable, and forward-thinking utopia for all players. All we need to do is think outside the box, even if it’s one that doesn’t yet really exist.

And if anyone has any other interesting ideas for making this “precrime” police force operate, do share!


ISD taking the day off?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


While I do have sympathy for the subject.

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Is it really that bad? I don’t mine/fly bad fits and get shot anymore. No one bothers me in missions so I seem to be in an ivory tower on the subject.

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Even anti ganking has become nothing but a bunch of miner ganking griefers!

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Why not just have Concord blow up every single ship that undocks, everywhere, in hisec. Much more safe, and it wil gauruntee that no gank ever occurs, ever again. Ever.

ms @Destiny_Corrupted is such a care bear

Just disable “undock”

No no, people can stil undock in their capsules. You can have capsule fights on undock instead.

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OP you can do the minority report bit yourself.

If 6 people in local…look at profiles.

A several year or even several month carebear is not going to be low security status. See a 3 year player in empire at 0.6 sec status…something is amiss. Even miners mission run. To get standing to get better rates on refine, sales, etc.

See corp and alliance. I can be in the uedama area enough when they get bored they wander. So that was part of my eve return, leaning about the breakup of code to their newer crews.

If 40 people in system find a quieter systems. You know how blood draws sharks…same idea. Move away from hubs. If you hate a long road to jita…so will they. Many will opt to be 3 away from jita and not 8.

CCP hooked us up here long ago. Long ago, agents had quality. So long ago if a caldari mssion runner all roads led to 1 system. It had the best security agent quality for level 4. Forget its name but anyway it was a “fun” place. Alpha strike parties with gank pests were not uncommon.

If a hauler…add the headache of a scout. Even if its as ghetto as a basic alpha who runs the gates through the a system to see a camp…logs off, now run the hauler through. Or dual box the scout. 1 minute of scouting can save billions on a hauling run gone bad.

Well, I see your point but I have very low standings just because I pve’ed too much without any need for high standings. A very good start though. Given the short time it takes, I always try and give a quick look at their history before attacking.

I agree its not perfect. But…a start. One can be a -10 true pirate, join a 0.0 crew and rat their way to 5.0 in time lol.

But when I mined on one char profile reads made me laugh. Like one night someone was out in a tristan and trying to can bait. while an alt mined in hi sec while this char was waiting for a titan pilot to log in to start an op.

I saw a 4 year old char in a tristan baiting I jsut ahd to go in chat

“that slow a night dude? So what is the gank ship you got coming in if I actually got stupid?.”

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