CONCORD introduces the Dynamic Bounty System

‘Conclusion’ here is being used as ‘In closing’, not as ‘we have drawn these conclusions’.

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That’s a funny way of generalizing all small alliances. Also good job liking your own comment.


Renters aren’t even people, so it’s okay.

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I wonder about one thing: Will NPC that do not have bounties impact the multiplier for bounties? Doesn’t really make sense if if did but we are talking about CCP here.

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I know how it’s being used. And even using it that way, presenting your premises there without preamble is bad and should not be done.

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To everyone talking about ‘where does the PvP element come in?’ - the subsequent Dev Blog covering the ESS rework will address that. Basically, a portion of all bounties will be skimmed into an object in each system that must be defended. There was a dev talk about this months ago.

Encounter Surveillance System projected to be a “Permanent thing”


Players killing their alts in noob ships to raise the multiplier was one of the first pieces of feedback I (and others) provided - if this thing ships without taking that into account in a meaningful way and dealing with it, I will be extremely unhappy.


Comparing the value of ships destroyed to bounties collected in a system shouldn’t be hard. I’d weigh ship value higher I don’t think negative growth should be the long-term goal here.

collected_npc_bounties (isk) - pvp_destruction (isk) * pvp_padding_modifer > bounty_threshold (isk) then the modifier drops

That’d solve the let’s blow up some noob ships issue.

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Oh, and just because I didn’t think to mention this in the initial bit…

That doesn’t even account for ADMs.

If you hold sov, you need to keep the ADMs in your space up. All of it. All the time. So again, there’s more strategic value in staying put, because if you’re always chasing max bounty return… you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to getting the IHUB blown up, at which point all the ratting upgrades disappear, and you’re down to 1-2 anomalies with crappy bounty values anyway.

So which makes more sense? Taking 50% of a 100,000 ISK bounty, 500 times a day [750,000,000 per month], or taking 100% of 60,000 ISK bounty, 300 times a day (because you have to move around) [540,000,000 per month before any jump fuel expenses], chasing max yield while people blow up your IHUBs?


Abundance breeds complacency and scarcity breeds war.

Abundance breeds yeets, and scarcity brings blueball and excessive stockpiling.

Trust CCP to get even the basics dead wrong…

Predictable inputs lead to stagnant outputs.

Unpredictable inputs lead to “f this random bs I cancel my sub” outputs.

The DBS will begin impacting the playing field between small entities and large entities when it comes to the efficiency with which they can exploit their territory.

I bet 100mil ISK CCP fuks this up. Don’t need to be a prophet to say that if you approach on premises that are opposite of correct, the result that is opposite of correct will follow - large entities will get a massive boost, and small entities will get screwed by mandatory ESS that is unprotectable without supercap umbrella.
So we’re looking at another “blackout effect” change here, it seems: a strong message “join the bloc, get a super, krab under the umbrella… or die, because all other playstyles are null and void”.

Gee, I hope I’m wrong. But this is CCP of the madness era we’re talking about. Say one thing and do the exact opposite seems to be the motto, and odds are I’m right… again.


2020 covid plan for eve. Work harder to keep what you have made and pay more because no reason.


Pfffft. Brisc, Brisc, Brisc… you’re not thinking it through.

How much is a medium T2 railgun worth now? I have a fax that’s about to run out of insurance. If I fill up the cargo with a bunch of medium rails, get blown up on the undock by blues, then loot and salvage my own wreck, and keep the System Multiplier high enough to recover the part of the cost insurance didn’t cover… why wouldn’t I?


many of my friends, after this news are going to leave the game


Probably, considering CCPs amazing skills in statistics and data analysis it will most likely create an infinite multiplier.

After all they need the bounty to go low so that they can notice botting… Ratting 24/7 with ms precision is apparently not a enough.
This is just another idiotic move like blackout which was also applauded by people who are incapable of thinking more than ps into the future. Making a game more tedious is not exactly a great selling point.



cough Oasa cough

Careful, you’ll spread it to other regions :stuck_out_tongue:

It feels like too much stick at the same time lately.

Why not also replace all ratting belts and anoms, with Sotiyo/FOB-like encounters with smart rats, escalating forces. Pirate bubbles and wubbles. Field commitment for PVEers.

Abundance breeds complacency and scarcity breeds war.

Too much scarcity may breed empty server though.


Only safe assumption is: null sec gets buffed again, high sec gets the old hot cosby.


coughs violently in Delve Time Units Oasa is nothing compared to Delve of 2017-2019.

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