A fellow capsuleer came up with an interesting idea today over lunch:

Awarded after completing all of CONCORD’s missions.
It should probably be Socket 10.
Once an hour you will receive backup from CONCORD if attacked whereever you are, as long as noone is a suspect or a criminal and hasn’t been either for at least 14 days. CONCORD will help fleetmembers involved in the attack.
Aid will only last for 1 attack and Concord will stay there for some amount for time after the destruction of the attackers.

He mentioned the possibility of more than one version.

Imagine M2 wipe but by concord…


My Little CONCORD Pets EVE Edition? :thinking: You should have chosen the hunter class at character creation for that to work. :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk:

I’ll tell him…
His english is very bad, so…

Please elaborate.

Umm not sure what to elaborate it was just a joke pointing out this feels like one of those suggestions asking for CONCORD to be a payable merc force assisting the player and such, basically turning CONCORD into a pet that follows the player around and assisting it in combat. On that note I made the comparison to WoW where the hunter character class is the one that can have battle pets that the player can use. I guess that’s all there to explain.

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I see your point… minor tweaks must be made.
Obviously his idea was with ganks… warp-bubbles in mind…

But yes… a huge war, good vs. evil would be awesome!!!

Ah! I see…
We don’t play WoW. I see what you mean about making CONCORD some sort of Merc. This Mindlink is weakened just to avoid that.
We thought it needless to say that a certain item would be character locked.

A merc function could be implemented. Much like CONCORD, but weaker. Just like a normal player, able to destroy.
If you don’t like the CONCORD Mindlink (which is an award for completing ALL CONCORD missions, making you kind of a deputy), this function could be another option (able for purchase like insurrance at certain stations or some item, or…)

Personally I am indifferent, meaning don’t have anything against the concept in general but not really in favour either. Not sure about this specific implementation didn’t think about it.

In case of threads I mention some people were opposed to the idea of a pet-like NPC for one reason or another, in general their argument was it is not EVE-like and if people want such additional help they should fleet with other players and that such ideas result in people more isolated from other players in a multiplayer MMO instead of working together.

Which argument is reasonable though CCP is introducing changes to the game all the time so who knows, nothing is impossible I guess.

By the way if I recall correctly (and the mechanics are not changed) empire mining NPC response fleets can assist you if they are on grid if you have high enough standings with their NPC corp.

Though this is very situational as the mining fleets are only present in asteroid belts and not sure how the response fleet can be triggered if at all or if they warp in if someone with high enough standings is attacked or only assist if they are on grid anyway due to someone else attacking the miners to which the response fleet warps in. So probably this is a very rare occasion if it works at all currently but maybe CCP removed this feature not sure.

Just though I bring this up as the mechanics are there, at least if the reports were true back then that the response fleet assists the player with repairs and maybe even combat ships if the response fleet is there. So implementing such an idea should not be difficult from a technical standpoint.

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Thank you for your input, - I’ll tell him.

Speaking of mechanics still there, I miss the “keep distance”, which is semi- there.

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