CONCORD Standings with pirate epic arc missions

I think I know it correctly, but wanna make it clear.
Two questions.

  1. When I get positive standings from pirate factions, I lose concord standings as a derived modifications.
  2. Pirate epic arc ( Angel, Guristas, and Syndicate/Sansha branches off from empire epic arc missions ) will not cause a derived standing modification, thereby not losing CONCORD standings by achieving them.

Am I right ?

correct for 2.

I made pirat epics several times, never lost ss.

No derived standings, yep. However, I think the last mission for the Angel arc is to kill a Concord frigate, so that might cause a standings hit with CONCORD.

Do you mean the old Security Status ( = Old Concord standings ) ?

Thank you for the answer.
That’s too bad it’d hit with CONCORD standings on mission progress but was good to know it doesn’t cause derived standing changes.

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