CONCORD's feature/QoL update for ConcordOS on Marshal/Enforcer/Pacifier?

We all know that CONCORD is all powerful and all their ships that they “released” to market are only “software locked” to make them more balanced (akin to IBM’s mainframes that software locked to certain amount of cycles).

So, my question is when CONCORD will be kind enough to unlock a tiny little bit of their ConcordOS on their Marshal/Enforcer/Pacifier to allow them to use Triglavian equipment (including famous Entropic Disintegrators). And when CONCORD will release “initially promised” patch for ConcordOS to allow Marshal to mount Covert Ops Cloaking Devices as was planned originally?

Before somebody starts bringing pitchforks and flamethrowers: people, THIS is CONCORD and it is totally OK that even their shuttles can use any equipment more efficiently then specialized hulls or factions that developed mentioned equipment. CONCORD doesn’t need any justification for being better, since nobody can be better then CONCORD by default (and by design) anyway.

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Fair question!

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