Timeline on adding Marshals to Project Discovery

We’re all curious when it will happen and what level will it be unlocked at.

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I’d like CCP to make CONCORD ships more cheaper to craft, like T2 at least. I’d like to buy their BPC from CONCORD LP stores like it’s possible for SoE BPCs. I’d like to use them in a PVP one day as an available device, but not like a museum antiques.

Those are not truly CONCORD, so got nothing to do with its LP. We’ve been expecting that thing on x-mass but you ready knew that no candy for chaps this time.

CCP this year: you want presents you gotta work for them and grind!

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So how about that timeline?

still waiting for that timeline. The last Dev Blog said it would be in January and it’s almost February

the date your looking for is April 1st, 2018 at level 10000

Never expect anything good from ccp anymore.

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