Configurable Auto Command Burst timers

It is quite annoying that we have skills that extend the duration of our fleet support command bursts, but the automatic command burst module just goes off every 60 seconds. We should be able to configure this automatic command burst module to re-fire at a time closer to the extent of our skill. This would mean those with higher skills dont need to burn through charges at the same rate as lesser skilled pilots.

There is a skill, its called pressing the button manually, that is about all you’re going to get in terms of timers


Let me quote myself from another thread where someone also asked for better automation in EVE:

You have two options already: use the existing automation and spend a little more, or manually time the command bursts yourself.

I like to manually press command bursts myself when the fleet needs the shield resists and similar, so I never get a weapons timer at the wrong time.

And for mining boosts… well I just keep them running all the time. I prefer being lazy over spending less ISK. It’s a tiny difference anyway.


CCP just forgot to do this - this is a QOL player feature.


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