Connection Failed - Incompatible Build

Thank you. Your fix is working for me.

This fix worked for me.Thanks.

We found an issue that could cause this issue for some players, we just deployed a fix. Please try restarting the launcher now and see if the issue persists.

Most likely the launcher is downloading files in the background, my guess would be that you have Thunderdome selected as one of the test servers. It looks like there is a bug for the update bar when that server is selected. If you start Loglite and then restart the launcher you will see what the launcher is doing in the background. You will not be able to start the game until the files have finished updating / downloading.

You have to be joking - Could not copy files from Tranquality

[ERROR - Could not copy files to Tranquillity]

The error message “Could not copy files for Tranquility” means that the files in your shared resource cache folder are likely either in use or being updated. If the issue does not resolve itself in a few minutes try restarting the computer, as that will kill any ghost process that may be preventing the launcher from updating the files. If that does not resolve the issue then try deleting the tq folder from within the shared resource cache folder. I’ll provide step by step instructions below.

  • Start the launcher.
  • Click on Settings in the left sidebar.
  • Click on shared Cache Settings.
  • Click on show in explorer.
  • Right click on the folder tq and select Delete.
  • Close file explorer.
  • Restart the launcher.

If that still does not resolve the issue then I suggest you delete the ResFiles folder from within the Shared resource cache folder. But be warned that this will mean that you have to redownload most of the game files again so that will mean a huge download.

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All I did was restart my computer and the launcher started a download and it worked

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