Connection lost 4 times last evening

I had “Connection lost” 4 times last evening. Very bad experience. Did scanning all the time all 4 times lost scanner probes, had to get others. Maybe ‘connection lost’ could contain one last order for probes drones to return to ship to reduce possible loss? Because ship still floating and doing nothing for quite some time. Or just improve connection. I was not terrible connection loss I was able to hit play right away in launcher all the times.

Ain’t there a button for reconnectin’ to lost probes? i recall one bein’ there but i didn’t do any probin’ in a while.

Being able to log back in right after a disconnect doesn’t not mean it’s the game’s fault. The opposite, if you couldn’t log back in, then it can in fact show that there is a problem with the game and that it isn’t just your end. So this can very much be a problem on your side only. When you then don’t see player numbers dropping then you’re only more likely to have a local problem.

Especially when you have a WiFi connection should you check its stability. Make sure the antenna(s) are pointing correctly and don’t have metal objects in the path. Also keep heavy electric equipment and microwaves away from router and PC.

Further avoid downloads in the background while you play and disabled shared updates in Windows 10 for good measure.

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