Consentual PvP as it should be in a free world

You can build by yourself rhe its “for free” :wink:

We already have such module slots and also the modules ! I will write just a few of them …
Large shield extender ( med slot )
Multispectrum shield hardener ( med slot )
Damage control ( low slot )
Bulkhead ( low slot )
1600mm armor plate ( low slot )
Shield / armor / structure HP rigs
Inertia stabilizer ( low slot )

and now tell me you couldnt survive any gank with tjis in combination of all the other ingame tools ccp gave you oO

I know. I mean…I never consented for all these whiny forum PvP threads and being verbally ganked by constant attacks of ‘think of the noobs !’ from people who don’t actually give a damn about the noobs.

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I give a damn about some noobs

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Your best option is block and mute the gankers milkyway miner. The gankers feed off of what you are trying accomplish, scripted bot bo*s are like that.

If interacting in this way upsets him then, Dryson, I think you’re probably right.

I must say though, that I have never blocked or muted any correspondent on the forums. If I don’t like what someone says, I just move on to the next comment. Or, of course, respond appropriately.

What is this relish in cancelling folks with whom you disagree?
Ah. ‘Because I can’.

No, because when they cant have a civil conversation with you, then they get blocked.

The flaw with hisec ganking is that it is a game play with very little possibility or no to counter play. Well planned ganks success rate is very very high. There should be a way to see that gank is coming before 1st rounds land. Current way of ganking is like bad remake of Star Wars where Gredo missed a 3 ft shot on Han Solo - everyone know that Solo shot 1st and that should the case in ganking, defender should have ability to shoot 1st.

Even ‘well planned’ ganks can go wrong, Vasama. Ask a ganker. You did say that the success rate is ‘very very high’, so you clearly know that it’s not a 100% certainty.

Besides, anecdotal and other information indicates that the incidence of ganking (in Highsec, of course) is not as common as anxious carebears claim. There appears to be a tendency to exaggerate the threat.

If there was a way to see that a gank is coming ‘before 1st rounds land’ - ganking as a playstyle would be finished. Is that what you really want? It’s not exactly a ‘counter’; more an annihilation.

Also, if such a feature were introduced, wouldn’t that mean that you’re asking for a powerful new gameplay intelligence tool which required of you, the potential target, - absolutely nothing?!

No. The ‘flaw’ with Highsec ganking is that it is neither sufficiently prevalent nor effective enough to persuade the lazy carebears to take advantage of the numerous countering strategies which have been part of the game for a very long time.

We can argue about the comparative value of these strategies in preventing a gank, but they do exist and they can be very effective against most ganks.

Trouble is, they require ‘well planned’ input from the miners. Why should gankers plan well their attacks and miners be exempt from such efforts? I don’t get it.

Well it all comes down what is the intensive on the gank. If it is miners you want to gank, are you doing it for shakedown or grifing? I’m thinking more of ganking transporting goods for profit. Yes there are cloaky warp tricks and webbing for freghters etc. But then good gankers gank transportiton support as well.

Ganks can be successful even you see it is coming. I know -10 sec status guys have pulled off ganks.
How about if turning your safety red would make you a global suspect and there would be a small delay before you can lock when you turn your safety red (like 15-30 sec or so). Safety could not be turned if you have weapons timer. That would mean that you could be shot before you can shoot, I don’t think that with that change, gankers would loose much, but at least in theory anti gankers would have possibility to engage 1st (Han Solo shot first damn it). I would not mind even slightly longer Concord response times in order to balance this change.

Thanks for replying, Vasama. Yes, I often fail to recognise that it is hauler-ganking which is under consideration. I’m a bit myopic when it comes to that, because I’m only interested in miners/mission-runners/explorers.

As for my motives, you only offer ‘shakedown [looting] or griefing’. I do enjoy the challenge, the thrill of the kill - all the usual stuff. Loot is, of course, an added attraction, helping to offset the cost of the gank, but it has never been my primary motive.

My impression is that dedicated hauler-gankers wear their -10 status as a badge of pride. They can be shot anywhere in space, by any capsuleer. Your proposed solution would therefore only affect those who sought to preserve a positive security status for some reason. I’m not certain that there are many of those in that discipline.

Such a proposal would also affect the Crimewatch feature, which was last revamped in 2012. I’ve a feeling that CCP is reluctant to mess with it unless a comprehensive review is in place. Who knows? they may be considering it. Perhaps your proposal can feed into their deliberations.

Perhaps @Githany_Red and @Dracvlad have a view on this; anti-ganking mechanics are rather their thing.

You are missing the important fact that hauler gankers are not -10, because they have to loiter at the gate or the undock, or the docking ring, so they uses tags to improve their security status. I think that the proposal was based on that.

I think that this suggestion would kill hauler ganking for many players, because if you have one or two accounts only, you have to make very quick decisions on whether to shoot or not. A better way to deal with this is to enhance the killrights system which give those rights to dedicated anti-gankers automatically.

Thanks for the correction, Dracvlad; I’m really not up on this aspect of the sport at all!

I still think the situation is a mess - though perhaps less so for the gankers, in this case.

Thanks again.

Think I’d be inclined for any loot taken and you go flashy yellow even loot being put into your cargo bay .

It’s up to us to work out who the looters are and in the past we had good fun tracking them . It’s only DST that I object to .

Maybe stolen loop could be flagged for a time so anyone taken it is running a risk ,maybe as far as marking loot as stolen so we could track there agent selling items.

So make anyone yellow who touch stolen cargo and fix it so remote reps can rep things