Consentual PvP as it should be in a free world

If you think that’s griefing EvE is definitely not for you.


i know, i already uninstalled it.

i am just in this forum to reassure myself that this choice was the right one

Can i have your stuff?

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no, you can’t i will destroy it all! griefer!

I feel like this just reinforces my opinion that everyone on every side of the ganking argument sucks.

i want to make one thing clear:

this whole thread was never meant serious. i hope one or maybe two people have noticed that. if not, well that is sad.

on the other hand, there are a lot of similar threads here, that are meant serious, so i understand people take it as that.

calm down miners

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That means you too. Unless you don’t play the game but cheer everyone else from the sidelines.
I bet you secretly cheer for @Aiko_Danuja while eating your greasy hot dog… Brown or yellow mustard?

I try to maintain neutrality if possible. Mostly because it’s a stupid argument that people have been kicking each other in the balls over for years. I just try to make enough isk to do the things I like. Sure, you could call me a variety of things for trying to be on both sides, and they’re all valid, but that’s not going to change my stance that everyone on both sides sucks. And no, I am not cheering on Aiko, and it’s brown mustard (although I don’t like hotdogs that much).


Given the degree of deliberately convoluted contrarianism, that is all but impossible. You cannot propose the daftest idea ever proposed for Eve and not have people say it is daft.

That is hardly neutral, Hound. The opposite view would be that everyone on both sides is worthy of esteem - certainly a more generous position, and one which might balance your claimed neutrality. To be neutral, you’d have to affect (or feign) indifference.

No, your stance is not ‘neutral’; the word you’re looking for is bigoted.

You’re certainly entitled to that opinion. At this point, I’m just sick of this constant back and forth between both sides. But at the end of the day, there’s not really any excuse I could make to defend myself (Especially given how I believe that you can think what you’d like), I’m just going to hold my opinion that I dislike both sides of the argument.

so what do you do if you get ganked and how do you feel about I am asking cause ot must be hard manetaning a nuteral stance if you get ganked

Apologies, @TheHound_OfGreys. that was unnecessarily spiteful of me. I take it back.

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It really isn’t, because truth be told, I haven’t been ganked in a while. Sure, it’s not one of those things where if you pay attention you’ll never get ganked. I saw a bowhead get randomly jumped from out of nowhere, but it’s not terribly difficult if you just stay aware of where gankers like to hang out around. But I also don’t like acting extremely butthurt when I get caught by a ganker. Sure, when I get ganked, I express anger, I say “you damn gankers!” In chat, but after like 30 minutes I cool down. It’s not unreasonable to be angry over getting ganked, but holding massive amounts of salt isn’t something that should be done.

I don’t get angry it justs really annoying and inconvtient to get ganked and it just takes up so much time

Yeah, that’s valid. I don’t like getting ganked for pretty much the same reasons. I actually had this really funny instance of a ganker immediately destroying me on the gate to Jita, he wasted a tornado on a tayra that didn’t even drop the one thing I was actually carrying. I wasn’t mad, since my pod survived so I wasn’t sent all the way back, and my cargo was like 50m, but I agree, ganking can be very inconvenient at times

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Did the free world’s ask for consent before seeding your body with bio-sensors? Nar, you got ganked like the rest of us.

I wonder where nasty went off to

Mining equipment and ships could be made cheap to make so their prices drop and you dont care to get ganked in it. Or mining ships could be given extra fitting slots and new modules could be introduced that allowed you to escape or survive long enough for CONCORD to arrive.