Constant Disconnections From Live Server

can be, he is in my system and uses a different ISP and we both are getting kicked at the same time, and he is across the country from me.

Still getting disconnects

I can have two accounts up, and one can get disconnected randomly while the other stays connected.

Then 10-15 minutes later the second account will get disconnected while the first doesn’t.

It’s definitely an issue with something the server and client are communicating. If it was an actual connection issue then you would expect to see both accounts disconnecting at the same time at least once… that hasn’t happened for me yet over the last week or so.

I wish CCP would actually look into these issues instead of ignoring all the threads about it.


I’ve been having issues with live server as well. For the last two weeks the live server has been getting steadily more and more laggy and delayed to the point that the game is pretty much unplayable now. All actions have between a 5 - 20 second delay before my client even registers them happening and I’m experiencing major packet loss.

I’ve haven’t suffered any disconnects aside from when my ISP completely drops, but the game is effectively unplayable. As others have mentioned, the test server seems to be completely unaffected and I’m able to play normally there.

I live in a rural town in Montana with only one ISP option, Century Link, and they have been completely useless in helping me with this issue. At this point I really don’t know what to do.

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I just came back and was in the process of talking friends into it. now I can not even log on I sit at a black screen before getting the the connection to server lost stuff. and not a thing on CCPs end… guess I will file a ticket…

anyone found any way around it ? my connection to every other online game on the planet is working fine…

bug report?

Same Issue here. Its going on since weeks. Also it can be that only one client disconnects randomly while other clients in different regions stay online. Sometimes also corpmates disconnect with one random client in the same moment as me. Its really time to take a look at this.

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Constant Disconnections From Live Server verified cache/restart, constant d/c issues continue

I am experiencing this tonight as well. a dozen times in the last 2 hours.

Same problem, but just today. I use multiple accounts and not every account on my machine gets the boot.

7 disconnects in 2 hours… in my fleet another guy got disconnected always at exactly the same time

Same here, I have been disconnected 4 times in the last 12 hrs

It may be earth rays or even aliens. Those assumptions are just as correct as yours and don’t help any of the above customers’ issues.

If a VPN solves their issues, they should certainly contact their ISP. And yes their ISP will investigate the issue further with their peers. But yes probably on those forums I bet there’s some guy saying “It’s not the backbone!” but that guy isn’t helpful either.

The disconnection itself might not be caused by CCP. However their responsability as a provider for online games makes it so they have “aftersales service” technicians that will investigate the issues and try to solve them even if it’s just someone who forgot to turn his computer on.

I made a few.
And the support staff is very friendly, patient and helpful. I have some random disconnects of a few clients. In my case it appears to be related to cloudflare’s handling of ‘redirection of packets’ where they fail to re-establish SYN/ACK for the connection they redirect. Luckily the disconnects mainly happen when i’m afk and in station so it doesn’t bother me much.

I suffer from those daily disconnects myself. And I did some research. My conclusion is the following:

Lara Agnon <-> ISP  **OK**, perfect connection, result = "I have no issues, it must be CCP"
Tranquility <-> Cloudflare **OK**, perfect connection, result = "It's a client issue"
Cloudflare -> ISP "Here is game data, deal with it"
ISP -> Cloudflare "Give more moneys, otherwise wo don't want your f*** traffic"

So, the actual problem we are suffering is that major players in Internet backbone connectivity do not care a bit about you as a customer of your isp or ccp as a customer of cloudflare. They only care about money. They need to provide internet connectivity but no one can force them to provide good internet connectivity

So what can you do?

  1. Buy a VPN. Could help, especially when routes from your provider to cloudflare are flapping. Everytime a route changes the game does disconnect. If you buy a vpn, companies can even more monetize on you (Bad for communists, but who wants to be a communist anyway).
  2. Use a different internet provider. The problem is, how can you find out which one has a good cloudflare connectivity?
  3. Tell your ISP you will cancel the contract if they don’t provide better connectivity. I bet they have a whole wall dedicated to printed copies of email complaints from customers like you where they go reading for a good laugh.
  4. Stop playing Eve or using other cloudflare services

What can CCP do?

  1. Change DDoS Protection provider to someone with better connectivity
  2. Tell Cloudflare to get better connectivity to their services
  3. Make changes to the game’s networking code that makes it more resilient to connectivity changes (As the code is probably 20 years old and no developer from that time still works at ccp, there will be no one left with the guts it takes to make changes that could break the game completely)
  4. Give a f***

What can your ISP do?

  1. Lose money by providing better connectivity
  2. Charge you extra for a monthly Clouflare+ premium fee
  3. Give a f***

What can Cloudflare do?

  1. Pay.
  2. Give a f***
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