Consumable trade goods

make trade goods consumable by pilots, giving them more importance in the game,

that is all.

If CCP ever gives us a simcity builder, I could see trade goods being used for that purpose.

well considering that the empires are now depicted as city states and the structures are known as “you’re city in space” I’m not going to go as far as to say we should have a city builder, but I think there should be some kind of benefit to having and using trade goods in game.

They were introduced to facilitate hauling gameplay. There are trade routes you can run that will make you money. I assume the isk/hr is pretty low, but it is something you can do.

ya that’s true, but the issue is that because people are not using it or very few people are the markets are flooded with them and they’re not being moved, if there was a way for them to be consumed for some reason, I think it would be cool to see, its good to have the trade routes but i feel like there should be a further benefit to using them, perhaps there can be evermark rewards for completing NPC Buy orders for wheat, quafe, etc.

Most of the items on the markets are npc buy and sell orders. If you try to buy them, the amount listed wont actually go down.

I doubt CCP will do a revamp of them, but It would be cool to see the activity actually do something in the world at large. Such as supply shipments creating convoys of npcs to accomplish some task. And that task would in turn create a butterfly effect in some other direction.

Making a system like that is pretty complicated though, so I doubt we’ll see anything like that.

actually they do, they re-list about 3 times and afterwards they vanish and relist the next day, so it means you have to move around between solar systems to sell all your goods, however like you said.

but as you said.

this is true, however I’m pretty sure there are fetch quests in the game (been a while due to tech issues but I’m pretty sure paragon missions do this)

so instead of an agent dealing with specialist missions for ferrying people around, you could incorporate a style of fetch quest mechanic. into the game using existing mechanics.

for example research agents used to notify or mail you saying “I’ve Encountered a problem”

so why not have existing agents contact you randomly based on the NPC and back ground politics and lore of the game (making the lore players valuable) saying “hey I need your help” you open a chat window remotely “I have work for you, if you accept, great if you decline it won’t effect us working together” (aka no standings loss)
if you hit “accept” and it could be something like “Bring X amount of Item/NPC to this location [Insert location here]” with some kind of time delay and reward in evermarks and ISK.

then for kicks thrown in some NPC roaming fleets to combat you at gates rather than at mission sites, small things like frigates and stuff, dirt low ISK payouts.
it would be cool to see notifications of hails from NPC pilots rather than in the text chat window and NPC’s performing cool tactics like blockades and such things, giving the NPCs a sense of much more of a living feeling and in some cases a deeper sense of threat.

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