Contact Re-established with Floseswin News Team

News reaches Gutter Press that the missing GP news team on Floseswin has been located, with all members of the team alive. This information was delayed due to FTL communications from Floseswin being mostly reserved for priority Republic military messages.

Survival !

The team report that the electrical systems of their light aircraft were disabled by an extremely large electromagnetic burst while en-route to a coastal region in the southern hemisphere, and crash-landed in rugged terrain, causing significant injuries to the team.
The electromagnetic burst is suspected to have been caused by the detonation of an anti-matter weapon that has been previously reported by several news outlets.


The wreck of the aircraft was discovered by retreating Republic forces, and the GP team were rescued and treated in a Republic military hospital, before being evacuated north along with other injured persons by a Sisters of Eve medical assistance transport.

Rescue !

The extent of the injuries suffered by the team will require a substantial period of recovery and physiotherapy, as well as cybernetic prostheses, and they are expected to be evacuated from the Floseswin system when circumstances allow.

Gutter Press. News.


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