CONTACTS DOES NOT SHOWN UNDER GUESTs and some GUESTs does not show up on local?

As you can see in the screenshot the contacts on the local shown correctly however under the Guests it does not work on everyone… sometimes it shown correctly and sometimes not… don’t know why works sometimes and not always… weird bug… but does not matter what i do it’s always shown me incorrectly under the Guests… it does not bother me at all just look wired and I noticed it in the last couple of days it started doing that everyday since

also there is an other bug again you can see on the other pic that “Victor Invictus” is under the Guests… but he is missing from local chat ??? how can he be docked in and log in at the station and not shown up on local???

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the number on left, local, is who is in system, the guests are who is docked in the facility you are docked in, they can of course be different, Haily Givens for example is not docked in the school of applied knowledge facility

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