Contract Questions

How much does a contract cost to make? I seem to recall paying about 10k Z per contract, but I don’t remember it clearly, and haven’t been able to find an answer elsewhere. I’m specifically interested in Item Exchange contracts, but any information you all could provide would be helpful.

Try making one it will tell you it’s 10,000 isk

Is that always the case, regardless of any variables such as the content of the contracts?

Always 10k.
Non-refundable, so if you create it and made a mistake and you delete it to make another, you do not get the 10k back

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Thanks. I wasn’t sure if there was a variable that would change the price and I simply hadn’t hit upon it. I appreciate your answers and your patience for a newbro.

Private item exchange contracts always cost 10k, but public item exchanges will charge you a brokers fee and sales tax.

No P2W

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OP didn’t specify, and I must not have ever done a public item exchange. Thanks for clarifying…

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