Core Probe Launcher -> Jetisson :-(

as a new player I started basic exploration tutorial in the Agency.

During the part 3/5 I got stuck, so I started to randomly try and click things. I was trying to fit Core Probe Launcher into the ship, but I clicked Jetisson (didn’t know it means “destroy the item”, I’m not native engish speaker). So now I don’t have the item necesery for completing the mission.

What do I do?

Thank you very much.

Jettison means you chucked it out in a cargo container.

You’ll want to fit mods to the ship before undocking.

For this tutorial, you can only do this while docked. As you grow into an advanced pilot, you will learn you can fit your ship while in space under very specific conditions, but that does not apply to this tutorial. I only mention the advanced option because other players get mad if I do not mention all these details, but it really doesn’t apply to you.

This is only an option while undocked and in space. It puts the item into a new container — called a “can” or “jetcan” — that lasts for a few hours before disappearing.

By now the can is long gone, unfortunately. However, ‘Core Probe Launcher I’ is made and sold on the market:

  1. Open the market window
  2. Search for ‘Core Probe Launcher I’
  3. Sort by price column
  4. Find a good price and high sec location
  5. Right click that order and ‘Set destination’ to that location
  6. Before undocking, right click the name of the station you’re currently at (top left) and ‘add waypoint’. You now have prepared a route to the station to purchase the item and return to the career agent station.
  7. Undock and follow the route.

After you’ve purchased the module, to fit the module to your ship, when docked:

  1. Open the Fitting Window (shortcut: Alt+F)
  2. Drag the Core Probe Launcher I item from your inventory to the ship. It will take a high slot. If no high slots are free, it won’t fit.

This will teach you how to buy a module from the player market and will cost some ISK and time. Hope this helps.


Wow this was really nice experience (eventhough I bought “Core Probe Launcher I” twice by accident :smiley: ).

Thank you wery much for your detailed instructions! :+1:


No problem. Don’t be afraid to keep making mistakes. When you lose ISK in the process, don’t get discouraged. Instead treat it as paying yourself that ISK to learn that much a valuable lesson. You’ll go far.

Have fun out there.


Put that into another probing ship, as soon as you start exploring wormholes, you’ll need some additional gear.

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