Cormorants and Jackals

I do? That’s… disconcerting.

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Oh. My. Gods.


An idea for a photo-shoot maybe?

Naup, you truly are God’s gift to the Amarrian people. Can you not see that you are in fact God’s chosen? These writings here are just a glimpse into the core of your being. As Emperor of the Amarrian people you would have only most insightful and things to say to them and they would love you. Adore you even. Your wisdom would have no bounds. These words you have written are proof that you should be leading your people into new Golden era.


Please don’t. He’ll probably take you seriously.


I was going to say the same thing.


Why not? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is beautiful work, I would love to see/read more of this (Might inspire some of our own fans to write their own?)

We are, nothing to worry about here. Just a group of decent people with the backing of good looking capsuleer to support them (That’s me btw)

This right here is pretty scary (and creepy) of a fan club to do. The blue donut thingy (doesn’t seem very appetising) seems like a big waste of resources, when they could be building statues and monuments like they did for @Arrendis in the Triangular Trading Tower.

This is an excellent idea!

Dear gods do not encourage him.


Is there such a thing as anti-literature ?

I.e. writing a book that actively decreases the cultural value of society ?


If you know of a photographer and an agent, shoot me the details.

Ammarian religious texts

I am… thoroughly confused.

What cursed horror have I wandered upon?

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Gallente garbage. Best ignored.

Ewwww, capsuleer slash fic. NASTY!

I used to get pissed that there was a fanclub for me called the “Angry Annies” (I despise that nickname) but at least they’re not posting fanfics all over the GalNet.

I would grow despondent if I learned that Baseliners were producing such morally questionable materials about my person.

Oh, I’m sure they are.

People are just that screwed up.

Seriously, Ms. Tereven, it’s better not to know.

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Oh no

It’s gone alright.