Corp Flagships

So basically a gigantic behemoth of a ship where it is above a titan but, it’s super easy to find and kill, so corps have to always be defending it. the idea is that it’s a public project, players can donate minerals and stuff directly to the construction of this great flagship, it would probably be somewhere along the production cost of 20 titans. I’m going to split this post into sections

  1. Capabilities

Basically this gigantic ship would be able to contest son in wh space and certain losses regions, although the low sec is a bit iffy. The ship would have 3 different modes, and to change modes would require the ship to be docked. Thee would be roam mode, the ship would have a gigantic fleet and service hangar of one billion each, but the ship would have no offensive capabilities, this would effectively be stealth mode, the ship won’t be on dscan and will effectively be cloaked. Ships in the same fleet would be cloaked alongside it and normal cloak rules apply, they’d declaim I’d too close and it would be 30sec before cloak re applies. Also the cloak would decloak if the flagship decloaked. This mode would also allow for it to contour through wormholes, at the expense of totally sealing the wormhole behind it. Would contest sov in WH while in this mode and nothing else. No offensive capabilities beyond 1 fighter tube.

The second mode would be industrial mode, the ship would become a rorqual type ship, it would have its own special mining drones( it can’t use normal drones or excavavtors, somewhere in between) and 3 fighter tubes, but would have reduced movement and shields compared to the other two modes. While in this mode sov would not be contested. It would provide a passive boost of 10 percent reduction in cycle time to all miners in a 1000km radius, but would have to enter siege mode. Like a Rorqual it could fit a PANIC module. While in siege mode, the ships outputs on mining would go up by 100 percent and there would be 2percent bonus to refining within the ship. However, to balance this, the ship would appear on probe scanners as a warpable anomaly and it would take one full minute to de siege. Would contest sov in low and wh. The ship would have a fleet hangar of half a billion and a ship maintenance bay if a billion m3.

Third mode is the combat mode, this mode would also have a siege module
The ship would come with specialized XXL main batteries, one of each type, blasters, artillery etc. and would most likely be able to volley battleships. Reload would be excruciatingly long though, maybe a full 3 minutes, to encourage proper targeting a prioritizing. The ships hull and armor would be that of a standard titan but it’s shield would be crazy huge. The ship would appear as a warpable anom in the probe scanner and would contest sov in low sec and null and wh. Would have a ship maintenance bag of half a bil m3. Would also have 6 fighter tubes and a doomsday laser

  1. Production of this ship

The ship would cost approx 2-5tril, and would be a 90day build time if all materials were immediately inserted. Production would begin at a Sotiyo or Keepstar, and only the ceo can begin the production. The ship would be visible and would be produced OUTSIDE the structure, so enemy groups could attack the ship and set back the build time by days or weeks. The flagship once built would require fuel(about 1500 lines worth), and would always be visible in the system unless in roam mode otherwise it’s free game. I threw around the idea that an alliance could build an even bigger flagship but I got rid of that idea pretty fast or else goonswarm and test would duke it out in trillion isk ships.

  1. Universal ideas for the flagship

Would be able to dock ship in it like station
Would have three modes(also thought of a pi mode might add)
Construction would be obvious
Would be able to contest sov in whs
Would be seen by everyone
Build time is long
Change mode time is long
Expensive af
Mobile citadel
Can’t dock at all(never safe)
4. Final ideas of mechanics

If the flagship is in a wh you would see in the upper right a small ntofifcation “Corp flagship in system” and show the name of the Corp that owned the flagship. If it was in a Nullsec or low sec area, it would slowly begin to contest the sov and if it went unchecked, it would take the system over after 72 hours. The ship would spawn in rats that would try and kill it, and in whs sleepers would spawn occasionally. Only minor rats and sleepers though, nothing bigger than a cruiser or battlecruiser. The ships could have interior markets should the owners allow it. Ship would also be able to store ships inside of it like an orca or rorqual. Would have armaments from all empires. The ship would be a mobile fortress effectively. Only the ceo or designated Corp members could fly the ship. To switch modes would take 30 days and would take place in Sotiyo or Keepstar. Finally, this flagship would have all the services of a station, but wouldn’t have tether. Once the flagship leaves a system, the sov will revert back to whoever owns the local nodes after 96 hours. Caps can’t dock but would instead float alongside the ship in a variation of the tether and move with it. They wouldn’t be protected though.

  1. Question ideas and concerns

I wrote this on my phone, please don’t roast my grammar and spelling, I will fix if pointed out.

There could also be modules and rigs that increase certain anomaly spawns and stuff, or a social athanor type rig that takes up all the slots and allows the ship to steal moon chunk that is already in motion towards an athanor.

So 99 alpha’s and 1 alt, gotcha

How would they even remotely afford a 500billion isk ship with the skulking of a titan

Because Goons.
They will just make 20 holding corps, fill them up with characters, and have 1 actual pilot in the corp who flies the new ship.

Yeah and they’ll have to pull up 500bill per ship, there’s no way they could have more than 8 and even then they’d be huge targets

Go read the MER. Goons could afford 10 a month.

I get it you hate goons, but these limitations were decently thought out by me, people like goons will always find a way, so my goal is to make it not worth their time to try and make more than five

They wouldn’t be able to pay the fuel costs on their structures and the mer is of individual capsueleers, not the corps income, the Corp only makes like 10 percent of what is represented as delves output as most people sell the ore themselves

There are literally 1000 active titans, half a tril is nothing. This is one of the worst sunkiller posts I’ve seen.

Thank you for your great constructive criticism, I’ll try and figure out a better price, and no this isn’t a sun killer because should the Corp flying it happen to make a mistake with the bridging or something, they would be losing a lot of isk. Also keep in mind the ships spa would most likely be that of a dreadnaught, the idea is just that is its a rorq, super carrier, and dread rolled together into something that could be used for some really cool interactions

No, I don’t mean sunkiller as in it is op. There are super titans in the lore, one of them is named Soltueur “Sun Killer”. They are 20 to 50 times the size of regular titans and are the things that lore talks about gutting whole moons to build.

I don’t like rorq mining and super ratting. I really don’t like the idea of a ship that can do both especially if such a ship is going to be nigh untouchable and in the back corner of Delve.

The idea though is that anyone can warp to it, meaning any body in a bomber or with a chunk can send that boy to the bottom of space, and yes I did look up sunkilers after your comment, with the current state of eve, wouldn’t a mineral sink like one such as that actually be good? because the mineral market won’t be so inflated as these super titans get exploded and built, also everyone would know goons is building one and do hit and run attacks on it and the station it’s being built at , to slow it’s progress and make it more costly, so most of these will probably wind up being more than 2-5 trillion because other corps will try and prevent other corps from being built.


So you can only change modes when docked but you also can’t dock.

Not that that’s the biggest problem here, but at least it’s internal to the idea itself.

you can remove this. It will be effectively ignored by creating free alts.
In Eve, every modification must be considered with “how can this be exploited using several alts” in mind.

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I’m building a KS b/c I’m bored and plan to anchor right next to another one. #nopoors


I meant like in this weird neo tether than it would have, it couldn’t dock but it would kinda sit in thether but wouldn’t be able to go into the station and wouldn’t be invulnerable.

Yeah but then it will be abused even heavier, just because there is a way around it doesn’t mean that the alternative is any better, goons would field like 50 of these ships.

just because there is a way around, means this restriction is nothing.

The idea is to slow their progress, to prevent goons from making a hundred of them in a day. Everyone hates goons, I get it, but this type of fear and “goons will break the system” is exactly what they want. Goons will find a way, but if there is no restriction than it’s even EASIER for them.