Corp Hangars in POCOs

If we had Corp Hangars inside POCOs, we could have PI hauler as a dedicated role within a corp. It would also give players the opportunity to easily contribute PI to their corp if they wanted to, and would be a QoL improvement for people running PI across multiple accounts/characters in an alt corp.

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I can see how this would be convenient for me when I produce PI.

However, it would result in fewer ships in space, hence I’m not in favour of such a change.

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How would it reduce space traffic :thinking: …you need to be in space, close to POCO to access it.

@Ultim8Evil corp hangars would require renting an office at POCO to be accessible - which would need to be implemented yet - and your request translates directly to that:

Corp Offices in POCOs - with all the benefits and consequences


POCO owning corportaion, would get it automatically ofc, more incentive to own a POCO …or fight for a spot in orbit.

People would not need to haul goods from POCO to station to another POCO to put it into a factory planet, but can make the goods go from one planet to another directly via the POCO.

This means reduced space traffic.

PI is already a very passive activity that has little connection to the game apart from the few times you need to fly an Epithal (or other hauler) to load up the goods and bring them to a station. I do not think this space traffic should be reduced even further, even if it is ‘convenient’.

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If by reduced space traffic you mean less chance to be ganked, then I think this isn’t so.

All the gankers need to do is to sniff out where your factory planet is* and setup a camp at the POCO. Then continuously scan your cargo filling up with Broadcast nodes. I can’t see how reduced traffic gives gankers less opportunities. On the contrary - they have less traffic to filter out.

(*) sniffing out a factory planet and its owner - go to planet view, RMB on the surface - click “Show other characters network”. Zoom in and look for bleak circles representing command centers locations, click one and zoom out a little. Now look for pin networks. Anything that is composed of more than 10 circles may be a factory. Inspect circles with RMB to see what it is and who owns it.
This probably is not a factory per-se, rather just simple Raw → P1 → P2

But in this example, upon close check, all factory pins shows as P3 factory:

Edit: I’ve already added QoL suggestion for clearer visibility of other characters CCs

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I had been instructed to ask would we ever be able to wardec a planet?

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I can’t see a reason why we couldn’t do it, so yeah, let’s go for it :slight_smile: But maybe not in HS :thinking:

Otherwise it would be hard to learn for new players to PI ? :rofl:

I could accept an idea such as this when POCO’s require Fuel and or Starbase Charters to operate and remain functioning.

Charters: at least 5,000 per hour minimum as fuel
Fuel blocks: maybe the same as an astrahus w/clone bay hourly rate.

Otherwise adding a “renting” income to the POCO owners portfolio is a big negative for me.
(High sec and Low Sec are both Empire space)

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But there is one problem with that or maybe not but requires smart resolution.

The moment the POCO goes off-line, no planetary import/export will be possible (except that 500m3 launchpad option) until fueled again or replaced with another one by other corp or InterBus. Enter the smart resolve when offline it can be claimed by another corp within 24h and put online again by fueling it and if no one claims it, offlined POCO falls down from the orbit and gets replaced by InterBus with new one eventually

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