Corp Roles

Not sure if I am going to go ahead with this as being in a alliance gives me benefits (should I choose to use them) which are probably worth more than the 5% tax that I pay but I was toying with the idea of starting my own corp, generally just as a tax break.

Initially I figured it would be just me and my characters but eventually down the line may open it up for others to join. It would be fairly low key charging no tax but at the same time having no structures, no buy back no offices or SRP etc it would literally be as a place for people to have a tax break but also to come together to do things should we wish to do so.

I digress however.

My question is that I understand giving roles to people is a nightmare in that my giving one role you may inadvertantly open your self up for all sorts of issues, not sure how much of a problem that woul dbe with no assets to speak of but wanted to find out a little more about corp roles and what best practices should be considered.

Don’t give any asset management roles to anyone you don’t trust. Simple as that.

Just to elaborate a bit, that includes hangar take access, wallet divisions, and structure anchoring.

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noted, thanks.

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