Corporate shares, better use for them?

I wanted to ask and receive input on this idea.

Selling shares like “permits” to protection racket high sec miners?

Use the share as validation of your permit to mine or not be suicide ganked by that corp. etc.

Sell shares as services basically, doesnt have to be a token to not get suicide ganked. It can also be an obligation to defend or some service sold by the corp.

But think about it. The better at suicide ganking miners, and the more you honor your shares as permits. The higher value the shares become in trading between those wanting to mine or when you issue new shares to raise free isk for your Corp.

Especially since being a member you can be given shares to sell to miners etc…

Seems like a good use of shares.

Basically your shares go up in value the more you honor them.

And because shares represent a service…you sell your services through selling and issuing more shares.

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